Robert Downey Jr. Announces NASA’s ‘Rolling Stones Rock’

[heavy rock music]>>Yeah! Alrighty. [crowd cheers] Wow, let me take this in. [crowd cheers] Boy howdy, looking good. Hoo hoo. I don’t know if
y’all were aware, but it’s Full Circle
Thursday, yep. And I’ve been entrusted
with gathering support for a very cool
and cosmic cause. I’d like to run it by
you, is that all right?>>Crowd: Yeah. >>Okay, good. So I love a backstory,
an origin story. Here’s this one. In 1964, two epic
launches occurred: the first Rolling Stones album. [crowd cheers] God, I love this windswept look. And Mariner 4, which was the
first Mars fly-by satellite. But here’s the
synchronistic part. Recently, NASA’s first
interplanetary West Coast launch to Mars was a
resounding success, kind of like the No Filter tour. But while landing on the
red planet’s surface, it displaced a rock that
rolled a fair distance in view of its onboard cameras. And some scientists at NASA’s
Jet Propulsion Laboratory in a fit of fandom and
clever association, they put forth, “Why don’t we
name it ‘Rolling Stones Rock’?” [crowd cheers] So Charlie, Ronnie,
Keith, and Mick, they were in no way
opposed to the notion, but in typical
egalitarian fashion, suggested I assist in
procuring 60,000 votes to make it official,
so that’s my mission. All those in favor
of officially naming it “Rolling Stones Rock”
say aye. >>Crowd: Aye. >>Good, I second the motion. Can we move to close the vote with an exuberant
cheer on three? I think it needs to
be heard on Mars. Three, two, one, hey yeah! [crowd cheers] All right, this was rad. Thank you for letting
me be part of history. It’s gonna be a
great show, as usual. But first, I haven’t
said this since the 70’s. Let’s go to the tape. [driving rock music]


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