Rock Hardcase I Wabbit I Boomerang Official

So, let me get this straight. You don’t have enough strength
to carry your own food home? (CHATTERING) How have you even
survived for this long? (CHATTERS) Oh, you get suckers
to carry it for you. Oh, well, I see. Seriously, Squeaks, you’ve
gotta… What the? All right! What merry-go-round plastered
the forest with all
these ridiculous posters? (MAN ON LOUDSPEAKER)
Rock Hardcase, that’s who. (DANCE MUSIC THUMPING) ♪ Pump it ♪ All right, everyone.
Gather around. The name’s Rock Hardcase and
I’m here to change your life with Jock Juice. (YAWNING) -Hey!
-Who, me? Are you having trouble
coming out of your shell? Are you too weak
to carry your own food home? Then you need Rock Hardcase’s
Jammin’ Jock Juice. Give me one week of workouts
and a steady diet of my
Jammin’ Jock Juice, and you’ll have the strength
to lift an elephant. (GRUNTS) The sad part is,
I can never forget this. Who wants to try it? (ALL CLAMORING) -(SQUEAKS CHATTERS)
-Squeaks! Great! A volunteer! Look at these skinny arms,
this flabby stomach. Clearly, this rabbit
has given up on himself. You need Jock Juice,
my friend. The only thing I need
are carrots. Oh, yeah? Can carrots help you
lift this huge elephant? Ow! Hey, make it look good. Oh! Oh! What is happening?
Oh, oh, my goodness. What strength. Look at that, folks. Jock Juice just helped
this weakling lift a whole elephant. Who wants some Jock Juice? ♪ Pump it up ♪ “Jock Juice contains
high fructose corn syrup, “dextrose, sucrose,
lactose intolerance, “xanthan gum, spearmint gum,
bubblegum, “canola oil, fishing oil
and oil oil. “Jock Juice has not
been proven to add
any muscle whatsoever. “So, if you’re still reading
this label, you’ve been had.” Rock Hardcase?
More like Rock Nutcase. Someone’s gotta teach
that guy a lesson. ♪ Work it ♪ All right!
Now that you’ve all paid, what’s the first thing you do
before you burn? Slug a can of Jock Juice. ♪ Kick it up ♪ All right, everybody,
let’s go! One and two and one and two
and one and two and one… Hmm. This gives me an idea. (HIGH-PITCHED VOICE)
Destroy the fat, ladies. I said, (HIGHER VOICE)
destroy the fat, ladies. Boy, this is quite
some modulator. The only
logical way to
exterminate fat is to… (SCREAMS)
Move fast.
Go as fast as you can. (IN SCOTTISH ACCENT)
And drink your Jock Juice. Drink more than one,
you wee babies. And work
your arms and your legs and especially your
kootchie-kootchies. Make sure
to take a break between sets, light some candles, and
put on some smooth jazz. -What the…


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