Rock Me Archimedes: The Marbles Teeter-Totter Game

Who’s ready for
an airplane ride? One, two, three! [BABY LAUGHING] Using a seesaw with a baby
is a teeter-totter no, no. Shoo- tah. But Rock Me Archimedes is
a teeter-totter yes, yes. The board game pits
two players in a duel of dexterity and strategy. The game’s weird
name pays homage to Archimedes, the
guy who literally wrote the book on levers. Your task is to
leverage the lever to get four marbles into the
end zone before your opponent. But if you throw the board out
of balance, you throw the game. Let the battle begin. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah! Balance coordination
and critical thinking in this lever base board game. Buy Rock Me Archimedes at Vat19
and Marbles: The Brain Store. Vat19 dot com. Tap here to see a catapult
that gets the job done. Tap here for a strategy game
for a table full of people. And tap here for a
game that really rocks. [BABY LAUGHING] Aww. You want to go again, honey? Daddy!


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