RURUTIA Planet No.21 [20120905][日字][Eng Sub]

Welcome to RURUTIA planet I am really, really sorry that I kept you waiting I can’t even count the times that the season changed And now, being able to talk with you here, I really thanks everyone from my soul. During treatment, I had received lots of warm message Thank you about that Then, here comes 5th Sep 2012, in which my new album starts to put on sale Thank you for waiting about that The title of the album is “NODE from R” As mentioned in comment posted in my page few days ago, in the future, as well as in the past, I shall enhance the connection with everyone through music Therefore I had chosen this title And this album is made with my love to show my gratitude towards everyone. Surely not all songs have lyrics written with that theme for example, I had added certain songs about the society this time However, I had put my gratitude to all my fans in my songs Especially, regarding the song “I Keep On Lovin’ you”, I had included English lyrics inside for the first time That’s because I had received lots of questions and fans mail from oversea during my treatment, and I want to reply to your care to me directly For the other songs, I had also put all my feeling to my fans inside I may talk about these songs bit by bit in my next RURUTIA planet. When composing this album, I recalled the faces of my dear listeners, although I had never met you guys actually. I recalled those faces one by one, with the thought of conveying this gratitude, using all my effort, in order to compose these songs. For the arrangement of songs, I worked with Taka Satou, redo and redo for many times, finally done with our thought put inside It will be great if you can listen slowly and seriously. Er, also, actually, there is some tricks in this album “Aperture” is put as the first song to become the intro track When seeing from outside, like the jacket, case and belly band, the “R” of “Aperture” are absent That are not typo, but a new word made by me Back to the tricks mentioned After you get this album, unwrap it, open the booklet, please have a look on the lyrics page In the lyrics page, there is a “R” in the title of the first song “Aperture” Therefore, when you listen to the first song “Aperture”, Rurutia is connected to all of you Then, connection is made from the “NODE” The title of “NODE from R” will finally be completed It is only a small trick, but it is made with my hard consideration, in order to make you enjoy more on sharing my thought I will be pleased if you feel happy about that During treatment, I frequently asked myself what is the meaning of keeping singing This annoyed and made me suffered, “am I going to lose something important?”. The world also lost its colour, everything appeared to be grey. Then, I recovered bit by bit, and able to sing again Thanks to that grey period, beside my passion towards music and message I wanted to say, I can now think more about every sound in my heart. Also, I had re-recognized that I will continue to create music as long as I am still myself In the future, regardless of the conditions I will face, I will keep on singing Also, I strongly want to stay together with you guys, pass time together and express my various emotion in the coming days I will be pleased if you can, from now on, watch over me I will also think about all of you from my soul And, through music, share our happiness and sadness In order to do this, I shall put all my effort to produce lots of great songs. Thank you very much Today is the release of new album and therefore special episode of RURUTIA planet Although we have met only for a short time, it is time to say bye. We shall meet again very soon In the next RURUTIA planet I shall answer questions raised from you about the new album as much as possible In the past, I didn’t mention content directly about my songs as I don’t wanted to spoil your image about them That’s why I didn’t answer questions like meaning of lyrics and situations about them This time, as suggested by the title of the album, “connection R” if you have any questions, like meaning and situations of songs, or other minor questions you want to ask you are welcomed to mail to RURUTIA planet Although I may not be able to answer certain questions as I respect your image about my songs, I shall answer as much as possible Also, please mail me you comment after listening to my songs I really want to hear voice from you guys, so please mail me your questions or thought. Here come the end of today’s programme I really, really thanks all me listener from me heart Hope that you will be blessed We shall meet in the next RURUTIA planet


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