Sailing Apps: Ovitalmap Satellite Navigation on an IPad Offline (Patrick Childress Sailing)

Ovitalmap – okay so you want to download one
particular area of the chart for offshore use when you don’t have
internet how you do that and close that is you come down to the bottom to edit
then shape up the top then you draw your shape I usually draw it counterclockwise
so it doesn’t give me any funky shapes so I go from there to there to there to
there and then I hold my finger down on the blue area I’ve come down to the very
bottom of this window to download map data and then I can choose my map type
I’m gonna stick with Google hybrid that’s what I like you can experiment
with them your map level if you go to one it’s not very
detailed if you go to 18 it’s very detailed right down to the
little sand pebbles and then I say download I choose I have been authorized
continue to download and then I always calculate the size first to make sure
I’m not choosing something so big that it will overload my iPad fill up the
entire hard drive and crash the iPad so I calculate size I generally like to not
do more than about a hundred megabytes because it can fill up pretty quickly
I have 128 gigabyte iPad and it seems to do pretty well and it says it’s gonna be
44.4 megabytes of data it’s not actually downloaded yet even though it
says data downloaded then you click download and it’ll show you the
percentage and how fast it’s going I’m gonna stop it cuz I don’t need this area
and then I’m gonna go back and something a lot of people struggle with and always
end up canceling end up just closing Ovitalmap is to have this big blue
square on here now and they can’t get rid of it how you get rid of it is you
click it once quickly with your finger you get that little perimeter area size
up and then you hold it again long click and you say
delete it’ll say are you sure you want to delete this shape yes of course I do
and it’s got done but in general I don’t really do that very often what I do is
any area that I’m going into I simply zoom way way way way into it way into it
right down to the sand pebbles and I just take the time to do this everywhere
that I think I’m gonna go my Internet’s really slow yours is probably a little
faster than mine and I’ve get an area faster but I just download everything
and everywhere that I’m gonna be or potentially could end up in a bad
situation and I just do that before I go and then when I’m off shore or when I’m
coming in and I don’t have internet to the area that I’m going to it’ll be
there I find that working with the the little blue triangles they’re a little
frustrating sometimes so again I just zoom into the areas that I’m going to
any area that I could end up going into a zoom all the way in so I have a really
really good picture especially of any bays or harbors that I’m considering
going to and then I have all the detail that I could possibly need one caveat to
that I’m not sure how big the cache is in other words the memory of how much it
can hold so you could download all the area that you’re going to and then go to
other areas and download those and it may be that it’s wiping out the oldest
download that you’ve done so you need to really focus your downloads and zooming
in to the next area that you’re going and maybe one more after that don’t do
the one that you’re gonna be to next year okay well I hope that helps and if
it does I hope you like my video thank you bye


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