Sarah Hyland Wants You to Protect Our Planet – Now You Know

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Joy, can I
ask you something? Sure thing oddly familiar voice. What do you know
about climate change? Seems like we’re making good
progress with hybrid cars and meatless Mondays. We should be pretty
good soon, right? If we don’t change our behavior
by 2030, the damage to earth could be permanent,
like that tattoo on your forearm permanent. If it’s so obvious
what’s happening, then why doesn’t
everyone believe it? First of all, 97% of
scientists agree that humans are causing climate change. OK, that’s definitely
a lot of scientists. If climate change could
actually make a big difference, why didn’t we know
about it sooner? We’ve actually been
aware of our impact on the Earth for
thousands of years. Whoa! Ah! Where are we? Ancient Greece. Meet Theophrastus. Theo whatsis? Theophrastus. He was a pupil of Aristotle,
and one of the first people to speculate human activity
affects climate change. Then in 1824, French
physicist Joseph Fourier discovered the
Greenhouse Effect. Woo-hoo! You know about the Greenhouse
Effect, right, Joy? Of course. It’s the thing with the carbon
and the footprint and the– OK, I’ve definitely
heard of it, but maybe I don’t know exactly what it is. It’s when gases from fossil
fuels like carbon dioxide thicken a layer
of our atmosphere and trap the sun’s
radiation inside, making the earth warmer. But isn’t the earth
set up to, like, deal with things like that and
balance itself back out? Normally, our oceans
absorb the CO2 we emit. But in 1957, two
scientists in the US confirmed that our
oceans can’t actually absorb all of the CO2 our
modern civilizations create, despite what we’d
always thought. That’s why we need to make
some major changes and now. If the Earth’s
getting warmer, than what’s up with these
record cold winters? Well, some people might
not know the difference between weather and climate. Weather is short
term, like your mood. Climate is long term,
like your personality. I love analogies. Climate change creates more
extreme weather overall– hot, cold, you name it. And it’s only going to get
worse until we take our foot off the gas, literally. So why does Janet
from accounting say climate change is fake news? Well, it’s no secret that
certain industries create lots of greenhouse
gases, and some of them are spending big money
on politicians and press that deny climate change
so some people like Janet from accounting don’t stop
buying their products. They’re choosing their
pockets over the planet. And that affects our habitats,
our health, and our homes. On top of all the CO2
it absorbs, our ocean now contains more
pieces of plastic than there are stars in the sky. And all this plastic emits
its own greenhouse gases, which has destroyed
precious ecosystems and forced marine
life from their homes. But it’s not just animals. Seven million people die every
year because of air pollution. And over 90% of the
world’s population live in areas where the
air quality is unhealthy. [COUGHS] And we all
just quit smoking. At this rate, by
2050, temperatures will increase enough to create
severe climates in the US, like the forest
fires in California which were 500% bigger
due to climate change. 500%? Is anything not on fire? Every year, 22.5
million people are displaced because of natural
disasters around the world. Some estimates say
that Hurricane Harvey dumped nearly 40% more
rain due to climate change. So what do I do? Where do I sign up? There has to be
something I can do. The good news is when
we all come together, we can make a difference. But the only way
we can do that is by raising our voices
until the people in power know that it matters to us. In the ’80s, when
scientists discovered holes in the ozone layer,
countries banded together to phase out some
of the human-made chemicals responsible. And now, the holes in
the northern hemisphere may be repaired by the 2030s. Ew, who even uses
hairspray anymore? But we didn’t stop there. All over the globe, nations are
uniting to protect the planet. In 2015, world leaders
reached a landmark deal known as the Paris Agreement. And more than 180 countries
have come together with a goal of reducing
greenhouse emissions and shifting to
renewable energy. Finland plans to
ban coal by 2029. And in Scotland, they planted
22 million trees this year to help fight climate change. So Joy, just
remember, we all have to do our part to be the change. Shop with reusable bags. Get a reusable water bottle. Unplug appliances when
you’re not using them. Switch to LED bulbs. Shop vintage. You look great in a jumpsuit. But those aren’t good enough. I mean, we’ve known about
this stuff since the old– oh, what’s his name? He was the old guy in the
woods, and we just met him. Theophrastus! We need to talk about
what’s happening and get our leaders to
listen, otherwise, this place won’t be here much
longer, and I really can’t afford to move right now. Aw, Joy, you’ve come so far
and without using fossil fuels. Thanks. Well, I should go. Wait. Real quick, your
voice, you sound just like that girl on Modern Family. Sarah Hyland? No that’s not it. I’m pretty sure it is. See you, Joy. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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