Satellite image shows new activity at Punggye-ri nuclear test site: 38 North

speculations mount on the possibility of
North Korea stirring into a new path if there’s no progress in denuclearization
talks by its self-imposed year-end deadline new imagery shows activities in
the punggye-ri nuclear test site this time
Kim Jiyeon brings us the updates new satellite images shows suspicious
activity at North Korea spaghetti nuclear test site allegedly shut down by
the regime lasts me an exclusive article published by us-based monitoring website
38 North on Wednesday it stated imagery showed the presence of vehicle tracks in
the snow cover along the roads that lead to the site’s former main administrative
support area the article acknowledged the precise nature of the tracks is
still unclear but that personnel foot tracking was also spotted in that area
which suggests at the very least that south still remain on site at the
complex the North had conducted six nuclear weapons tests at the pond Gary’s
site between 2006 and 2007 teen amid increased activity detected recently in
North Korea’s key weapons locations including the Tong tiny missile
launching site the u.s. has continued to sing reconnaissance planes over the
Korean Peninsula in an apparent mission to strengthen its monitoring on North
Korea according to a privately run military aircraft tracker aircraft spots
the u.s. deploy the e8 ceejai which serves as an early warning and control
aircraft dubbed the joint SARS over the peninsula on Thursday morning the joint
SARS has the ability to detect track and handoff targeting information on enemy
forces moving on ground making this platform one of the US military’s most
important technological capabilities it’s the same type of jet the u.s.
deployed over the peninsula on Tuesday and when North Korea launched two
projectiles from a super-large multiple rocket launcher on November 28th the
13th round of major weapons tests the regime has conducted so far this year
Kim Jiyeon Arirang news


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