Satellite images show N. Korea recently expanded factory related to production of ICBMs

now as we’ve been talking about North
Korea does love poised to potentially test its long-range missile capacity a
satellite images show the regime has made expansions to a facility that is
involved in the production of such missiles the development follows
Pyongyang’s latest warning of an imminent what it calls unwanted
Christmas gift to the US kim hyusun reports satellite images show North
Korea has recently expanded a factory related to the production of long-range
nuclear missiles citing Jeffrey Lewis director of the East Asia
non-proliferation program at the Middlebury Institute of International
Studies American media outlets including NBC and CNN say commercial satellite
images from Planet labs show a temporary structure at the site to accommodate the
raising of a launcher arm the development comes amid growing
speculation the regime could soon resume missile testing that threatens the u.s.
Lewis said he believes North builds such structures when the facility is involved
in producing modified intercontinental ballistic missiles or ICBM launchers he
also noted that the North’s leader Kim jong-un has been making frequent visits
to the facility against this backdrop Washington seems to be enhancing its
readiness against a quote Christmas gift the North has warned it’s imminent
president Trump held phone calls with Chinese President Xi Jinping and
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a over the weekend to discuss ways to deal
with Pyongyang the White House said Trump Inaba agreed to continue close
communication in light of the North’s threatening statements over the weekend
the US military continued its surveillance of the Korean Peninsula
flying yet another reconnaissance aircraft over the area it remains
unclear what option Washington would take if North Korea opts to make good on
its provocation threats ahead of its self-imposed ear and deadline for the
u.s. to be more flexible in nuclear negotiations kimi-san arirang news

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