Save the Earth

I’ve got some bad news for you. Well, the Earth is
kind of dying right now. So, for those who have
been sleeping for the past 30 years, here’s what happened:
natural disasters have been getting stronger and stronger with record-breaking earthquakes,
tsunamis, hurricanes and most recently wildfires. A huge plastic island formed itself in the Pacific
Ocean and it’s now three times as big as France. Animals and plants are going
extinct at an alarming rate with hundreds of species disappearing every
24 hours and millions of people are dying every year of
air pollution especially in China and India. And you know what’s fascinating, it’s that all
of those things are related to the environmental crisis. Let’s talk about it. To properly understand why this situation is so serious, we first have to know what exactly is the environmental crisis. Therefore, I asked one of my good
friends Öz, which you might know from my previous video “The Power of Youth”
to tell me more about it since environment is one of the sub fields
he is studying right now at university. Here’s what he texted me. Actually it was not just a text. So Öz sent me a whole
page worth of stuff related to the environmental crisis just so you
guys can better understand the phenomenon. So, I’ll read a little
bit of what he texted me. I’ll try to translate it
from French to English spontaneously. So here it goes. The environmental crisis is everything
that is related to pollution, resource gathering which produces pollution
and destruction of natural habitats. Now, he’s saying that there’s a lot going on,
it’s not just climate change it’s not just global warming. There are a lot of things
that are made by humans and that produce pollution and make it that
the Earth is getting warmer and warmer. So what he’s saying is
that everything that is manmade and that is not helping the
planet is interconnected with everything else. See, the fact that you use plastic bottles
may mean that, oh well, there’s a landfill somewhere that has more more trash in it
and then it goes into the ocean and then by only you know having a plastic
bottle, this means that you are polluting the ocean. But this could also mean that
because you’re producing plastic with that bottle there’s a factory somewhere that’s
using more plastic than it should and then producing more carbon dioxide
into the atmosphere and you’re polluting either way, so you don’t fully understand
how complex everything is if you’re not studying environment. There’s actually a lot to be said about this
document so I’ll just leave it in the description. It’s in French. I’ll try to translate it in English if
you guys are interested, but all the details are here and I’m going to talk a little
bit more about the crisis and the next minutes. So yeah we’re in a
pretty terrible spot right now. So, fortunately for me and for you
guys, there are people around the world that know that we’re living in an
environmental crisis and recently in my home province of Quebec, in Canada, there are
hundreds of public personalities that rallied to defend the cause and they formed
what is now known as The Pact. The goal of the pact is to raise awareness about
the Earth’s condition and how serious this issue should be seen. The main goal of the pact is to
raise awareness of Québec’s population in order to make them realize that well the Earth’s
condition is really really bad right now. It is really serious and we have to
do something about it right now as individuals. So if the government decides not to take action
in this big crisis then we as individuals have to. Simultaneously one of the biggest protests in
the history of Quebec about environment took place all around the province and I myself
participated to the one that happened in Montreal. Here’s a quick footage
I got from it. People have noticed that the Earth is
dying and they’re doing something about it. There’s 15000 people walking in the streets
of Montreal right now, 15000! It is huge. People know that the Earth is going to die someday
and they want to do something about it right now. And I’m impressed about how much people
actually want to do something about the planet. Oh boy, not much time left. Okay, so, in order to realize
how serious the situation is right now we also have to know
what is threatening us right now. So, I stumbled upon this one Web site which had
a list of the issues right now with the environment. So those are based off scientific
studies that have been done before. And so here’s a list of
the top environmental issues right now. Number five is water
scarcity and water pollution. Number four is pollution. Number three is deforestation. Number two is
ecosystems an endangered species. And number one you
probably guessed it: climate change. Let’s talk about climate change. So I’m sorry Donald but
climate change kind of is real. In fact, 97 percent of scientific
studies that have been done about climate change say that it is
real and it is made by humans. And by definition, climate change is “the
rise in average surface temperatures on Earth”, which means that basically anything that is warming
up the Earth is, well, climate change. This is mostly caused by the
burning of fossil fuels such as oil or coal, and there are other
ones but I won’t name them all. So and the burning of those
fossil fuels that shift CO2 into the atmosphere, which is carbon dioxide,
and the fact that those greenhouse gases stay inside our atmosphere warms
up the surface of the Earth. There are tons of effects
with this over accumulation of CO2 into our atmosphere: I’ll name three
because those are the three most important effects and you may have already
noticed them in the past few years. So, first, if the global
temperatures are getting warmer and warmer this means that the polar
ice caps are going to melt. And so this ice will turn into
water which will make global sea level rise. This means that if you’re living in a coastal city,
your city might be flooded in a couple of years. This also means that since there’s more
water in the world, there’s going to be more rainfall, so basically any
city in the world that is that has rain, there’s more
chances for those cities to be flooded. So basically everyone has more chances of their
cities being flooded in the next few years. Second effect: with the
water temperatures warming up. This means that storms are going to be
more frequent and they’re going to be stronger. You might have noticed it with the ginormous amount of
hurricanes and storms we have right now in the Atlantic Ocean. It was one of the biggest seasons of
hurricanes and tornadoes this year for both U.S. and Canada. So this might just give us a clue
that, well, it is getting worse and worse. Also and this is very actual as the third
major effect: I’ve said that storms are getting stronger and stronger but so are wildfires and this
is an actual thing right now because at the moment of this recording, there is what
is called “Camp Fire” going on in California. This is the deadliest wildfire that
has ever been recorded in California. It has killed hundreds of people,
thousands of people have disappeared ever since the wildfire started about two weeks ago
and with Camp Fire, this just confirms to us that natural disasters are
getting worse and worse and it’s just not stopping, so we have to
do something about it right now. And with all those facts this
makes me think like why people still believe climate change is not a real
thing? All the facts are there. Now, why do you decide not to look at those facts and
say OK well this might be because of climate change. Why would you deny this? So
if you’re still skeptical about climate change I found an awesome resource you can
take a look at in the description. It’s called “Skeptical Science” and this has a
whole bunch of arguments climate change skeptics might have and it deconstructs every single one of
them with facts and stuff based on science. So you’re still not sure if what I’m saying
is true or not, take a look at this website. Now that we know what the crisis
actually is and what is threatening our planet, we have to know what we
can do in order to save the planet. Now some scientific studies say,
well actually a lot of scientific studies say, that we have
passed a point of no return. There’s no going back to how the
Earth was, let’s say, a hundred years ago. We’re not going to get back to
the state but at least we can do something to make sure maybe our children
and our grandchildren will have a future. So here’s a few things you
can do at home that are easy to do in order to make
a difference with the planet’s condition: Have you ever heard of the three R’s?
They stand for: reduce, reuse and recycle. So when I buy things I first look them
up online to see if there’s not someone that’s willing to give them out for half the price
and so I don’t need to buy a fresh new… whatever, right? So I wanted headphones for
a quite a while and I searched on Kijiji, which is kind of like
eBay, and I found those. They cost 300 dollars new and I got them for 70
dollars which is a huge deal for me, right? But it also is a
huge deal for the planet: by buying this used pair of headphones -which are
working great by the way and they have been warned by someone I don’t know
for four years- by buying them used, there’s a factory somewhere that doesn’t have to
produce a new pair of headphones, therefore polluting the atmosphere with whatever
chemicals they’re releasing into the atmosphere. So it’s a good deal for me and it’s a good
deal for the planet, so it is really worth considering. And Three Rs is a really general concept: there’s
lot of other things you can do. Just like, you know, your cans. If they’re recyclable, why do you put
them into trash? Just put them in the recycle bin, it’s super easy
and it’s really helping the planet. Bring your own bag. Please stop using plastic bags, you
know just like me that they can take up to thousands
of years to decompose in landfills. So what big of a difference will it make if
you decide to bring your own bag to the grocery store? How big of a difference will
it make in your lifestyle? It’s not going to change anything, but it’s
really going to help the Earth. Public transport. If you live in a city are close by and you can take
the public transport you go to school or go to work, please do so. In Canada, on average, 83 percent
of the population uses their own car and they drive alone, which
is really bad for the planet. If you have the possibility to
use public transport, just do it. It might take like 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes to
go to work or to go to school, but who cares. You know you’re making a difference
by not driving your own car alone. If you’d like more ideas of stuff you
can do at home and that are very easy, there’s this awesome resource and a
description which is called “50 ways to help”. This is a website that has a
list of 50 things you can do that are not going to bother you that much
and that actually make a difference in the condition of our very own planet that
we love and that we want to keep. In conclusion, here are three things
you should have learned from this video. First, climate change is real. Sorry Donald. Second, we’re treating
Earth like crap. And third, there’s something we can do as individuals
to change the planet’s condition before it’s too late. Now, don’t expect miracles: if we
want to leave this Earth habitable for our children and our grandchildren,
we have to make sacrifices today. I know it’s great to drive your
car alone, but what about the planet? It’s also great to have your very
own plastic cup with your name written on it at Starbucks, but what about the
planet? And sure, it’s great to buy a brand new pair of headphones because they
look so cool and you know they’re going to work 100 percent, but What about the
planet? Okay I am running out of time so if we want to save the planet, if
we want to do something about it right now, about the serious condition we’re in
right now, we have to do something. We cannot act tomorrow. We have to act to-.


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