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Hi, friends of Scenery Planet! We are aware that many of you not only want that your games develop on a sensation scenery that enhances the visual sensation and gaming experience, but you also want to showcase your armies in a spectacular location between games. Most of us devote a great deal of time and resources to our miniature collections and love being able to admire them in their cabinets and presenting them to our friends. Today we will briefly present you these two scenery showcases that we designed and custom built specially for one of our customer’s cabinets. They are a fine example of the possibilities that we put at your disposal here at Scenery Planet. So, let’s see in depth! The first of these showcases has been built in order to display an army of Vampire Counts. Following our customer’s request, it has been designed so that once the miniatures displayed, the scenery represents the troops of the Undead beginning their March to War. The regiments set off from this portico of the fortress to march through this road, located in spooky moorland. Let’s lift it up so you get a bit of a better look. The dimensions of the showcase are 76cm x 33cm x 33cm and, as usual, it has been built with Scenery Planet’s quality standards: light but resilient materials, with bottom wooden frame, MDF trimmed sides on all faces which are conscientiously worked for a smooth finish without blemish. These are finished in black. In order to keep realistic proportions, we have just portrayed a small part of the outer walls of the castle. We find this central portico with risen portcullis and ragged banners on both sides, framed by these two towers that protect the entrance from enemy attacks. On the upper part of the portico and both towers, there is room to place small regiments or single miniatures. We added numerous buttresses and sharp metal spikes. We also opted for a cold color palette with the idea in mind to enhance the sinister look of the set. From the portico emerges this old road where larger regiments can march. In order to reinforce the theme, we included crosses flanking the path, perhaps to the very frontier of the dominions of the Undead where the enemies of Vampire Counts are sacrificed as warning or just for fun. The fortress gives way to barren moorland. We used dark tones to reinforce the idea that the very land is corrupted due to the influence of dark magic. We also have hand-modeled trees that twisted until they got this gloomy look, and this rocky formation with room on top to place bigger miniatures. On the wall of the cliff we find the entrance to a cave that could be the den of particularly unpleasant monsters. Last, we applied realistic effects of moss and moisture on the rocks that help enhance the impression that it is a dark and humid wilderness where feeble sunshine can hardly warm the land. In short and as you can see, this is a sensational setting to showcase a collection of Undead in all its glory. The second showcase portrays the entrance to one of the underground kingdoms of the Old World dwarves, built on the mountainside. It has the same dimensions, constructive features and resilience of the one we just saw, so let’s comment it focusing on the design and visual aspects. In order to clearly showcase a great number of miniatures, we chose a design with different heights. The ground floor is the valley that reaches the foot of the mountain, where we have a clearing that is ideal to place larger regiments ready to march to war or to face invading armies. We modeled the terrain so that it will be slightly ascending on both sides in order to reinforce the valley look. On the central part, we used different colors to reproduce more trodden ground by troops, trader convoys, etc. This impressive central stairway has been incorporated to resolve the slope with power runes on the plinths, and room in the central area to place heroes and other significant single miniatures. From this stairway we have access to two ample lateral terraces where there is enough room to set regiments and war machinery easily. Above them, we can find these narrower terraces, designed to organize rows of shooting troops such as crossbowmen or harquebusiers. On the central area, we find this majestic façade with a triple-portico design in front of which there is room to place heroes and commanders in a privileged location on the scene. We find three arcades with some depth framed by these gigantic columns that lead to three big metal gates with embossed motives. We added embossed geometric motives to the basic stone textures, carefully modeled to achieve a realistic result. These are very appropriate to the aesthetics and imagery of the dwarves, both on the parapets at different levels as well as on the main columns, giving the set an even more spectacular look. In this case, we opted for a more conventional color palette, with classic tones for the stone. The shadings have been carefully developed in order to maximize the different volumes of the structure. Light stains, and ambience and wear-down effects complete the feeling that this is an old construction that withstood the passage of hundreds of years and as many attempts of conquest. As you can see, the final result is frankly amazing: a real sample of the power and architectural mastery of the inhabitants of the kingdom under the mountain. Being able to have scenery showcases as luxurious as these will turn our cabinets in something truly unique and spectacular. It will also allow us to show off the miniature collections where we invest so much time and effort the way they really deserve. Besides, we will be able to use them as professional setting when we photograph our painting and modeling projects in order to share them online with the community of hobbyists. Remember that these assignments are but another sample of the possibilities that we at Scenery Planet put within your reach. Regardless of the design, theme or setting you have in mind, we can design and build scenery showcases and shelves as amazing as these especially for you and tailored to your cabinets. That’s all for today, folks! Remember that you can follow us on our Facebook page and YouTube channel, where you will find additional information and other stories like this if you don’t want to miss any detail of our projects. As always, we hope you have enjoyed. See you soon at Scenery Planet!


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