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Hi, friends of Scenery Planet! After all the effort and dedication required to collect, assemble and paint a whole army, most players enjoy showcasing it in a privileged location. The most demanding collectors may not have enough with a couple of shelves or a glass cabinet. We at Scenery Planet have a lot to offer you in this regard. Today we will present you this sensational scenery display, especially designed for a dark elf collection with all sorts of details and special characteristics
coming soon. In this project, the design work has been very demanding, maybe more than in other occasions. On one hand because the customer was very clear about certain aspects and details he wanted to include in the set. On the other hand, we had to keep in mind that the spaces and atmosphere were right for each type of unit. We want to take this chance to let you know a little bit more about the way we work in this regard. For example, the customer sent us a few pictures that he gathered online together with his descriptions: as you see, dark elves walls, different tower designs, turrets and blade designs on top, etc. Using this as a sample, he pointed out the details he was interested to include, the things he didn’t like and other modifications or ideas of his own. These are just some of the pictures. We also looked at pictures of landscapes, forests, and some specific to the Old World to gather all necessary information to recreate the adequate setting. As you see, that work translates in some of the elements such as the wall, being very faithful with and meeting the expectations of the customer. For example, these overlapping embossed plaques with sharp designs, pairs of blades, buttresses —all symmetrical—, details such as the portico that you see is high enough for some of our customer´s models. On the other side, the tower also has these embossed plaques, sharp designs, several heights with blades, the top with bigger blades which is passable for our flying models and commanders. There is also the terrain. In this occasion we decided to apply gloomier, duller shades to represent the evil surrounding the kingdom of the dark elves. As always, numerous additional details such as different shades of grass, rocks, bushes, tall weeds, etc. Separately, this withered forest. The customer was very clear about this: a sinister forest but not too scary, just something dismal. So we decided to recreate these trees without foliage assuming that the closeness to the tower where sacrifices and dark rituals take place somehow corrupted the forest. As you see it has numerous details too: deep roots, rocks, bushes… It´s all modeled on a soft hill and here we have some watermarks. The forest is wide enough to place some independent models such as harassers or explorers, etc. At the base of the tower, we have dry blood markings from the blood flowing when the elven sorceresses carry out rituals and sacrifices. On this side, the rocky formation sheltering the wall is very realistic and gives a good appearance to the set. It has enough flat areas to lay down some additional models on their own: harpies, assassins and so on. The top of the wall is wide enough to lay down regiments of up to 3 or 4 columns. The upper part, as you see, is like the designs. There are stairs, modeled stone textures, etc. We have also included these banners for a bit of color. In this case, they can all be removed. Why didn’t we fix them? Mainly for 2 reasons: first, they are inevitably more fragile pieces than the rest and it seems good to be able to dismantle them so they won’t be damaged during transport. On the other hand —as you see, each one fits in its holder— it’s interesting not to fix these pieces because it will allow us to paint designs later on, replace them, etc. As you see, the tower also has some banners that were not glued for the same reason. If we wish not to include them on certain occasions or paint different designs it will be much easier. See how it can be comfortably dismantled. Each stretch has some slots at the
base that match these tongues so they fit and don’t turn around or fall. They fit perfectly: there’s no movement so the tower is stable. As always, it’s built on MDF, super resilient and it can hold a lot of weight. Similarly, the lower stretch has tongues matching the slots at the base of the immediately upper stretch. Even this part can be removed so we may transport or store the tower without problems. If we go to play at our friend´s house, if we need to fit it in the car —a 30cm tower is not practical—. This way, we can carry it much more comfortably. Lastly, the pavement crosses the wall and continues at the back. It’s a slabmodeled texture wide enough to deploy regiments as well as chivalry units, war machinery, carts, etc. As you see, it’s a very detailed display where we will be able to showcase ourarmy comfortably. But we don´t want to stop at that. We opted for a standard 120cm width so we can also use it in our games. Just adjoining it to our game board, we will have a special scenery module with the wall and the tower for siege games, for our own settings, etc. As an add-on, the front trimming can be removed discovering the typical groove of our detachable boards, so it can be adapted to integrate perfectly with one of our boards. Once we deploy our model collection, the final result is frankly impressive. So let’s recap the strong points of this kind of display. First and foremost, we will be able to showcase our whole army and collection in a truly spectacular way that will be the envy of our friends. Besides, remember that the standard 120cm width will allow us to use it for our games because, as we saw, that cover can be removed and it can be extended with additional modules. On the other hand, we can use the display as a professional background for pictures of our latest model and paint works to share them with other fans in blogs, forums, etc. Finally, imagine the possibilities of a display such as this for skirmish and special games of our own invention with house rules. Imagine sentinels stationed on the wall and a small group that has to sneak in and eliminate them before so they can open the gates before the rest of the army arrives, etc. There are numerous possibilities and are only limited by your imagination. Don’t forget to visit our website where you will find the complete picture gallery and reports of other interesting projects. That’s all, Folks! Hope to see you soon at Scenery Planet!


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