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Hi, friends of Scenery Planet! We know you like intense and fierce combats between trench lines, crumbling fortifications and more. Often, we can only find boring and repetitive kits in the market, which made of moulds and, to be honest, they do not inspire or tell any story. As you already know, here at Scenery Planet we design and manufacture personalized scenery with the best quality and finishing according to your own needs and specifications, so you only have to enjoy it as we deliver it ready to play with. We have prepared this set so you can get an idea of the possibilities it offers and we are sure it will not leave you indifferent. The lack of room available to play is a problem for many of us. For that reason, we want to take this opportunity to show you this simple removable board. It’s made of modules of 120cms x 60cms as you can see, they are finished with texture and varnished We modelled some areas as concrete damaged during combat, explosions and so on, It all adds perfectly to the scenery we have built. Each module is made of 10mm plywood in order to guarantee stiffness and resilience. Additionally, a wooden samba frame of 3cms x 3cms has been added as it’s lighter and stronger than pinewood. This configuration allows us to put together a board of 120cms x 120cms, very easy to fit in It stays perfectly levelled, perhaps for our smaller or special games. If we like a more standard configuration of 180cms x 120cms, we can add one more module, as you see, they’re very light and with just a click we have the board ready. This system allows the board to be perfectly levelled and it also stops the board from moving involuntarily during our games, and we are ready to play. Firstly, here we have our section of trenches. For this demo we have made 3 different models straight trenches, as you can see no two are alike. They are all crafted by hand; each one of them has been modelled showing detailed battle damage. The bases are also different and very detailed, as well as the inside. They are wide enough so that the base of our miniatures can fit in easily, even 40mm or 35mm bases fit without any problem. These sections of straight trenches fit perfectly with each other in any position. These other small section of trenches at a 45° angle so we can add changes of direction to our defence line, and to add variety we have these other bigger sections, also at a 45° angle. Remember: this is just an example and we can make any design or configuration you have in mind If you prefer T sections we can also make them. As you can see, this system offers many possibilities. To make it more interesting we also have these 2 plain bunkers, perhaps the smallest of this collection. They’ve been modelled to showgreat battle damage to represent that they are part of the front-line of defence and their size is the same of the small section of trenches. This way, they can be easily replaced so they fit in any position. if you like it more here, it fits perfectly. We have also made this portico, which is big enough to let our biggest vehicles through, We can put our miniatures, marksmen and more on the top balcony It fits perfectly with trench sections in any possible position. As you can see, this system brings us many possibilities: we can put the bunkers here, perhaps moving this one here, so that each game is different. At Scenery Planet we don’t like boring and repetitive games. And finally, to complete this modular system, we have made a couple of sections of tank traps, in case we like to allow the infantry to go through making it more difficult for the enemy’s vehicles. In this case we have 5 straight sections of trenches, 3 smaller sections of trenches at an angle, and 2 big sections of trenches at an angle. As you can see, it’s enough for any board even if we want to put together a couple of different lines of trenches. However, I insist that we at SP we can make any configuration, any number, any shape or angle you wish. Once we have all our set of trenches in place we’ll show you the highlights to complete the board: the buildings. We have these bunkers, also hexagonally shaped, a bit more elaborated and higher than the previous ones, They have some decorative numbers, battle damage, steps, and the top can be removed to gain access to the interior, which is also very elaborated and is big enough inside to accommodate our miniatures and marksmen. The top fits easily and, as you can see, the bunkers also fit with the other sections of trenches. In this one, we have modelled additional battle damage. As you already know, hereat Scenery Planet the scenery is made to order, and we can make exactly what you want. Here we have this HQ, one of the most spectacular buildings in this set. It’s very big, -It would be difficult to get something like this from sprues- made of MDF, very resilient. Steps here and here, so we have 2 access points;a wide terrace here, it’s wide enough for close combat. We also have a higher terrace to post marksmen if we like or any other miniatures. The top can also be removed to access the elaborated interior as previously, so we can fit our miniatures in with no problem. Finally, there’s this impressive bastion, another interesting key piece. It has a complex design, different levels to post marksmen, with doors at each level, 2 terraces at different levels, and also this platform on top where we can post more miniatures. As you can see, this building is more than 25cm high, almost 30cm., which means that the miniatures we post on the top will have a very interesting sightline of the battlefield at all levels. And now we’re ready to set up and play. Finally, we’d just like to remind you that this set is just and example of what we can do for you, no matter the designs, colours, finishing process or the amount big or small that you have in mind. Here at Scenery Planet we can custom make anything for you. Don’t forget to visit our website where you can find more info and demos of our products. That’s all, Folks! We hope you enjoyed this video. See you soon at Scenery Planet!


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