School of Rock | Happy Birthday, Jade Pettyjohn! Tribute Music Video | Nick

Here we are, living
the rock and roll life. Playing for tough
crowds in dingy dives. Oh, a face painting table. OMG, it’s so adorable! SINGER: Soaring high above
the mountaintops, things look so different. Sometimes you
gotta take a risk– Cover on the tambourine! I’m literally on the tambourine. Boom! I would say– yes. SINGER: Up, up, up,
and don’t look down. Take it down! SINGER: Don’t touch the ground. Keep moving up, up, up,
and don’t look down. Keep moving up, up, up– Aw. Oh my gosh, this is so exciting. Look at me. I’m a rebel. Neato. SINGER: We’re moving up. [BEATBOXING] SINGER: Soaring high above,
the city sleeps below. Things look so different. [SHOUTING] SINGER: It’s so worth it. OMG. I want to marry this quesadilla. SINGER: So worth it. Keep moving up, up, up, up. Boom. SINGER: Keep moving up, up, up. [CLAPPING That was amazing!

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