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Hey you lot welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is gonna be just a normal
speed-painting video, showing you the process of this spread in my sketchbook where I was
continuing to experiment and practice with simplifying my landscapes and just being more
expressive with my painting in general. If you’ve seen my recent sketchbook tour
or a few of my most recent painting process videos, you’ll know that this is something
I’ve been wanting to improve on, being able to put together a scene with a few strokes,
suggesting things well enough to not have to paint them in detail, it’s just style
that I like and it’s been fun to try different things, I’ve also had a lot of different
suggestions from you guys of different ways to try simplifying my paintings. Things like giving myself a time limit, I’ve
also come up with a little challenge for myself to draw in as few strokes as possible or a
certain number of strokes or lines either with a pen or a paintbrush. Blocking things out into geometric shapes
and areas. On top of that, I’ve even taken a few lessons
on Skillshare, taught by Robert Joyner, in a series called ‘Draw Loose, Paint Loose’
where he talks about expressive brushwork and maximising your colours. As I’ve said before, Skillshare have been
a great learning resource for me in the past, I was actually quite surprised after my last
video about them that people hadn’t heard me mention the site before that, but yeah
they have such a wide range of lessons on there, everything that I’ve ever looked
for, I’ve found; different aspects of art stuff but also social media, writing, all
sorts. I still have a code by the way, if you didn’t
see my last video, for 2 months of free premium access to as many classes as you like so I’ll
have that linked below. But basically, I wanted to try and bring together
today, all the different things I’ve been learning and experimenting with. And I’m still definitely learning and experimenting. I wanted to see if I could just sit down and
paint without overthinking it. So I taped off the page like always, when
I am doing more of a scruffy painting, I think a crisp edge kind of brings it back together
and makes it look more intentional, I used quite a large, I think half or 3/4 inch paintbrush. And I jumped from acrylic paint to gouache. I wanted to use acrylics because I feel like
they’re more… they’re easier to move around on a page and also they work better for layering. But it’s been so long since I used acrylics
like this, it wasn’t really working, so that’s why I switched to gouache and that
actually worked a lot better than I expected anyway. I searched up some screen caps from films
on pinterest, looking for ones with interesting and challenging colour schemes. In the end I went for Ex Machina for the first
one, which I saw for the first time the other day, Moonlight which I also saw for the first
time really recently, and while I was watching that there was so much of it that had me thinking
‘I want to paint this’, The Revenant which looks great in terms of imagery, I need to
see that soon, and a film called Into the Wild, which I haven’t seen but from the
looks of the screen caps it looks like it’s based on the story of the guy who had a really
successful, wealthy life, that like packed up all of a sudden to go live off the grid
in a little van in the wilderness… and it didn’t have the happiest ending. I could be completely wrong though, it could
be about something else. Am I wrong in thinking that’s a true story? I’d like to watch it anyway. Umm it was all a bit difficult, painting-wise. I think because this time I was filming it,
I kept getting distracted from the fact that I wasn’t supposed to be thinking about it
too much, making it look good. When I’ve done this without filming it,
it’s a lot easier for me to just make a mess and it’s when I make a mess that, for
me anyway, it looks the best. Next time I’ll have to do something to distract
myself from the fact that I’m filming. Let me know if you wanna see any more of these,
this journey of mine to simple landscapes. I know it might be a bit boring to some, bit
repetitive, so yeah I’d love to know if anyones actually finding it… I dunno interesting? Ummm when this video goes up, I will actually
be away. I’m gonna be away for a little bit, til
like mid-June. I’m going to a wedding in Mexico with a
couple of friends and we’re gonna spend a bit of time out there travelling as well. I’m hoping to somehow incorporate the trip
into the travel journalling series so stay tuned for that. But yeah, I’ve been working hard in the
lead up to make sure there will still be videos going up for you guys while I’m gone, it
just means that I won’t be able to chat with you all in the comments or on instagram
or anything. So I hope you’re all doing well, I hope
you enjoyed today’s video. Thanks so much for watching, I’ll see you
in the next one, bye!


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