Simplifying Landscapes pt.2 · Gouache Speed-Painting Process

Hey loves, welcome back or welcome if you’re
new. Today I decided to work in my Mossery sketchbook
on some more simplified landscapes. It’s been a while since I attempted the
first lot and I thought it would be something that I could do again today that wouldn’t
require too much thought. I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut over
the last couple of weeks and essentially had to trick myself into painting today, so I
wanted to do something loose and relaxed but also something that would be visually satisfying
and hopefully give me a bit of a boost to get back into painting. Because I didn’t want to over-think things,
I only used a few colours; an ultramarine, bright yellow and magenta and then black and
white, but the black I didn’t use much at all. For the first painting I tried to block in
a quick outline and some rough values as a guide but it honestly wasn’t that effective. I was approaching this particular painting
quite tentatively with quick, short brush strokes, which I don’t think lends itself
well to the looser, broader style that I was going for. Like last time, I used film screen caps that
I found on pinterest. I’ll have my pinterest linked below where
I have a board called ‘SCENE’ that has these screen caps and a few others that I
might paint one day. I’m in the process of re-doing my pinterest
boards so a few of them are empty but I’m hoping to fill them up with inspirational
images as I come across them. This first painting is from a screen cap from
the film Pride and Prejudice I think, the second is from a film called Biutiful, it
may be a Spanish film, it has Javier Bardem in it. These are all films I haven’t actually seen
by the way but the visuals drew me to them. The third film I used was called the Handmaiden
which I believe is Korean and then the last one was captioned Red Dessert but I googled
it cos I thought that doesn’t sound like a real film and it was actually called Red
Desert. As I went along, you see me getting a bit
more confident with my brush strokes and I think that really helped with the style of
painting, I had to be a bit braver with blocking things in. You can actually watch this video in real-time,
I have it on Patreon which is linked below, as one of the weekly rewards, I aways do a
real-time video and a Q+A session, I also have random little posts throughout the week
as well so you can always see what I’m up to and what I’m drawing. But yeah in real-time you get a better idea
of the pace of things, how much I’m actually considering brush strokes if I am at all,
sometimes I just go as fast as possible without thinking and see what I end up with. I do have a real-time video in this style
here on YouTube as well, of the dancers in my Mexico travel journal. So the first painting on this page took about
15 minutes, the rest of them about 10 minutes each. I’m using gouache paints, a mix of brands. A couple of Reeves, one Talens one from their
cheaper range and then the yellow from their more professional set. I honestly just picked up the first paints
I could reach that were the right colour. I don’t mind using cheaper gouache if I
can mix it with something a bit more substantial. How are you lot anyway? Long time no chat. I hope everyones well, enjoying the summer,
taking care of themselves. I’ll take the time now to say hi to the
new peeps that have joined us over the last couple of weeks! A lot of people came over from one of Dodie’s
videos which is just amazing and lovely, people have been really kind and it’s just been
a really wonderful addition to the fam really. I’m so grateful for the kindness and encouragement
that we have in this community of creatives and I hope it can continue. Now then, I’m gonna wrap things up, but
if you have any comments or questions or video suggestions, I’d love some suggestions,
please leave them below. As always, do check the video description
for any info you might be looking for. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see
you all in the next one. Bye!


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