SketchUp Scenery

SketchUp® is an awesome way
to create scenery and props SketchUp® Makes it so easy to draw almost anything imaginable and with the
V-Ray plugin you can turn that drawing into a
photo-realistic rendering notice the diffuse reflections in the
floor the Dept the field in the backdrop and
the refracted glass in the sky like the iBook is set
up by chapters chapter 1 to 5 focuses on designing and
building the set chapter 6 and 8 is about drawing the
props and using SketchUp warehouse chapter 9
covers lighting and rendering with V-Ray®. The thumbnail table of contents makes easy to navigate through
the book at the bottom can see the icons that
reveal the contents of each chapter. If I click
on chapter chapter 3 and I click on I-Beam it brings you to the video clip which is the core all the training click
on the video I opened the loft rendering so we can view the I-Beam in the set. Click on done and it brings you back to the chapter page click on side and it brings you to the text. The text is an overview or synopsis of what is
contained in the video and corresponds with the time code in
the video if you click on the image will expand and you see the screen captured from the
video hit the Tab key to advance to the next image or you should finger swipe on the iPad
click on done to go back as you can see these images revealed a
lot about what’s going on in the video to advance the pages click on the end to the screen and it advances the pages. To go back to the menu click on
thumbnails and it brings you back to the main menu
this is an overview of the workflow used to
draw the set using the scene stab to orbit around the set. The drawing starts with the guide ground plan then
add the floor the knee wall, the camera left and right
wall the backdrop, the skylight the masking flats, the i-beam the lights, the props and sketch. Props are very important part
of the set chapter 6, 7 and 8 cover inserting props from the SketchUp® Warehouse and creating props from scratch. The Red
Blue Chair designed by Garrett Reitvelt is my
favorite chair so was the first prop will be creating the next prop is an antique icebox it is an actual ice box that sits in my
kitchen so was convenient for me to take photos
of it to use as textures for the 3d icebox. Woodworking is one of my passions so I
created 3d model exactly the way I would build
it. with all joining details. I even put
dowels in the holes and show the tongue and
groove joints I made the hinge and the latch which will use in the
icebox this is a 3d COLLADA file that was
exported from SketchUp rotating the hinge shows the detail in
the creation object. SketchUp is great for producing
presentation sketches but if you want a realistic rendering
you’ll need a plugin like V-Ray. This is the V-Ray toolbar and if I click on me 0 the options editor opens and if I click on camera, the V-Ray Physical Camera Menu opens and it actually has a physical camera that controls the film speed, the f/stop, and the shutter speed. Close the options
menu and click on the “R” to start the
rendering. When you add a powerful plugin like V-Ray to a versatile application likes SketchUp the results can be amazing

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