Small families, small planet

Hi. So you don’t really know anything about what’s happening here, do you? No. No idea. We’ll start with this: How much of the world’s resources do you think
are needed to keep the human world going right now? Um, Never really thought about it. 40%? 60%? I can’t give you a specific figure because I don’t have any idea. Heck! That’s bad, isn’t it? We’re using more than the Earth. So, that’s crazy! Really? That’s like my lifetime. Pretty concerning, isn’t it? I do hear a lot about it. But, not like this. Do you know what I mean? It’s obvious that we can’t keep going the
way that we’re going. We only made up 1% of all mammals. What do you think the balance is today? 50/50? Oh, I’d say maybe about 40%, maybe? Let’s have a look. No! Oh my Gosh! What? I don’t know. I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad, but yeah. That’s ridiculous. That’s a steep old curve. There’s just not enough room. We’re just going to keep using more resources. Keep damaging, I guess, the world that we live in. Um, because it can’t sustain us. When the population was small, hundreds of years ago and it grew rapidly, it didn’t matter so much. But now we really are getting toward the limits of the Earth’s capabilities. Do you feel a responsibility for future generations? 100%, yeah. Um, when you become a parent, your views on the world, and your views on a lot of things change. And I do feel a lot more responsible now because I know that it’s not just for me. We all have to try and make small changes because it definitely will make a difference. Do you think poorer countries can handle large population growth? No. No. No chance. There’s only slight improvements that maybe mean that people can live a little bit longer. But they’re still living in utter poverty. What you see here are different fertility
rates across the world. There’s an obvious north south divide. I worked in the area of international aid for a number of years. Educating girls Just overall Has a big impact on the size of families they choose to have. Access to family planning can be a big issue. How do you feel about climate change? Does it scare you or worry you? Climate change is definitely worrying. Destruction happening to the world, and the environment. It’s definitely something that we need to pay attention to. If climate change happens to the extent that we can no longer live on this Earth, Then, there’s no point in helping each other. You know? We have to get the environment right first. In developed countries, we are incredibly
reliant on fossil fuels effectively to make our lifestyles work. And so we have very high emissions per person. Whereas, if you go to developing countries,
it is much, much lower. Do you think it makes a bigger difference
to the environment and our future if one less person in the rich world is born? Or, one less person in the poorest parts of the world? How do you answer that? Because,
I suppose, Definitely, looking at this, and looking at
the environment and the way we are using resources, then one less person from the western world would make more sense. Let’s look forward now and see where we’re
heading. What do you think would happen if families across the world are bigger by
just half a child on average? One more baby for every second family? It will surely plateau off. It can’t just keep going up. Heck! It’s just getting bigger and bigger, isn’t
it? Oh man, that’s, that’s nuts. Oh my God! Yeah, that is a scary thought. So what about the other way? If average family size across the world was just half a child less? Yeah, so if everyone had half a child less… Yeah, that would have a huge effect, And that would solve the increased population
that could help bring resources. It’s crazy that just half a child makes that
big a difference. Do you think there is something people should think about when it comes to the size of their families? I was already thinking about this, and all it’s done is strengthen those views. I think if people thought about the climate, and the environment, and the impact that their child might have in the future, you can’t unlearn that. You can’t not know. So, does this make you think about the size of the family you personally might have? Or, The number of kids? Never really thought about my family size. That much. I would, take this into consideration. It wouldn’t be something that I would just,
yeah, ignore. There are a number of reasons, um, why we’ve personally decided not to have children. And that’s probably the biggest one that we’ve decided to make. Um, And, one of the factors is the fact that through our work, and our personal study, we are aware of of the big pressures on the environment, on the world. Not having children means that we’re not personally contributing. We’re taking some of the pressure off. It’s making it very apparent to me the extremity of those things that I wasn’t aware of. Facts and figures are very powerful. So, I think it’s made me want to sort of make other people aware as well. People around me. Not sort of saying, “Don’t have children” But, as in, just sort of saying, “You need to be aware of the impact that you starting a family and the amount of children you have has on everyone else.” Educating or raising awareness of what the impact of raising a large family has is a much better way to do it Because, then people will make that choice in a positive manner rather than being restricted. I feel that everybody is powerful, And everybody has the opportunity in their lifetime to change something,
and to make a difference.


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