Sneeuwlandschappen in Zwitserland | Vlog #15 | Zwitserland | Trucking | Leven op wielen

Hello, it’s great that you are all watching a new episode of Life on wheels. What are we going to do today? I’m on my way to Italy. We will soon cross the San Bernardino. That is a very beautiful Alpine route. What is the case now? My colleague Jeroen is from Italy. And that comes over the Great St. Bernhard. So you both get to see these routes by following both of us in this video. Enjoy watching! We are now climbing up. San Bernardino itself is at 1,600 meters And there we get a 6.5 km long tunnel. It is one of the most important Alpine routes in Switzerland. Except for the Gotthard tunnel. It is a lot quieter. It drives a lot better. You don’t have any crowds here, so that’s nice. But it is also beautiful to see. There is quite a bit of snow, but the roads are nice and clean. Fine! You never know in advance. If you go on the pass at this time of the year. It may be so different, but the weather is great! We arrive at the Sint-Bernhard tunnel. Earlier today I had to prepare a transit document. I did that in Aosta. The nice thing is that at the start of the tunnel the customs are in a kind of roof. Here we have to arrange the toll for Switzerland and get a stamp from the Swiss and then we can continue. Return to Sebastian. We are going to get out and take a break. It is really fantastic here. And I will try to give you a bit of an impression of what that looks like. It is really super beautiful! I will just show the other side and the lake that lies here. I try to get through the snow to see if I can see there. You sink away completely, but it’s beautiful. Everything for the video. Good day. The snow is hard here, great. Quite deep. I just found out that my drone’s battery is almost empty. So that’s kind of annoying, so to speak. I’m just going to try to film a piece with the drone, but it won’t be much. I am very disappointed. Because this is an excellent place to fly the drone, but it is no different. It is super cold! But that doesn’t matter. The unprecedented view makes up for a lot. It is not the first time I have come across this, but with this weather. In the winter I have never been over it. This is sometimes beautiful. I now brake with this lever. That’s the retarder. Then I brake on the engine. If I continue to brake with my foot pedal, then my brakes are on fire at the end of the 18 km. So that is not possible and then this is a world invention. It works great. This was the weather. Did you like this video? Then press the like button. And subscribe to the channel. Until next time, hi!

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