Snowdonia – Making a Landscape Photography Connection

Hello and today I am in Snowdonia I’m
very excited about the day I’ve already got some pretty spectacular 360 degree
views and I have only just set off so it should be a really great day a little
bit windy, but a great day of landscape photography….. let’s go okay so I’m set up for the first shot of
the day and I’ve just been sort of naturally walking up the mountain having
a good look around and I found this little composition here it’s a vertical
shot but I’ve still got some of that flowering heather. It is coming towards the
end of the heather season but there is still a little bit here and as I’ve been
walking I’ve noticed this natural s-curve in the bracken here…or the heather….
sorry as the ditch kind of is going through the landscape and on little each section of the hill that heather is there and flowering nicely and it
just makes a nice s-curve that then leads you up into that mountain above my
head there. It’s not the ideal time of the day but the Sun isn’t in a bad
position for the shot I’m at f/8 and I’ve gone to ISO 200 in order to let me
get up to 1/200 of a second to freeze that heather because there’s so
much wind just blowing about and I want that to be still in the frame and I’m
just waiting for a little bit of light to poke through the clouds just to light
up that bracken…… why do I keep calling it bracken?? It’s heather. I want the light
to come through the clouds to light up that heather because it just comes alive
when the light hits it so that’s what I want it’s gonna brighten
up a few of these rocks here a really nice shot to get me going for the day so
I’m happy with that I’ve just noticed as I’ve been walking up. Right here we go…. a
bit of light in the scene now and that is absolutely brilliant Now when I travel to a new location the
type of quality of shots I get generally will depend on the connection I feel to
a particular area when I visit somewhere I want to understand it I want to enjoy
it and I want to really feel it and build a connection and an emotional
connection with the landscape because once I do that it’s at that point I feel
I can start to tell the story and put some emotion into the shots I capture
sometimes it doesn’t happen and sometimes it does and it doesn’t even
really depend on the actual beauty of the place I once visited the Grand
Canyon and to be honest I didn’t really like it it is a magnificent spectacle
but for me I just didn’t make that emotional connection to the place I
don’t know why it just happens that way sometimes last week when I went to
Anglesey I was overwhelmed with disappointment when I
didn’t get the image that I was looking for and that’s just the sort of type of
photographer I am. I do try to be more stoic to be more practical to have that
even level that can then allow you to sort of overcome these things a little
bit easier but I’m just not like that and get quite emotional about my
photography as you may have seen there are highs there are lows and a lot of
that will depend on how I’m feeling about the landscape around me. I’ve just
been thinking a lot more recently about the actual shooting of landscape
photography getting out and about, why we do it that sort of things I just wanted
to share that little feeling. Right the day’s looking good it’s just so windy
which is why I’ve had to take cover in this little cove here but I’m gonna
crack on get up the mountain now I’ve got a big steep hill ahead of me and I’m gonna
get to the top where I’m hoping there is going to be a really nice composition
for my main image of the day This boulder here has clearly fallen
from the cliff face at some point in the past it’s now covered in heather and it’s absolutely
beautiful. There’s no shot there but it’s very cool. I have not seen anything like that before.
A nice little break from the climb to have a look at that That is a daunting climb Okay. I’ve stopped for the second shot of
the day and a welcome break from this really tough climb. Can you see this tree
here just sticking out of the side of the cliff it looks absolutely
spectacular I just noticed it as I was walking up and it’s sort of set in those
really dark rocks of that cliff and I noticed it at first and then suddenly
like it is now the light struck it through that this tiny little Canyon
it’s only gonna happen at a very specific point in the day and it just
happens to be when I was walking past so I had the 70 to 200 millimeter lens on
there and I’m in at about 120 millimetres just on the tree so I’m
isolating the tree in the frame that’s the main subject that’s nice and bright
you’ve got that golden light on it and then that’s contrasted against that
really dark cliff it’s a very simple shot but it’s gonna work really well
I’m just gonna capture one more see what that looks like
absolutely brilliant Right I’m at the top and it is extremely
windy the top is actually…. or the real top is actually up there that’s Y Garn. I’m not going up there today I’m tired and I have pretty much got
the composition just here that I wanted it’s a very straightforward shot this is
pretty much why I came here to see this viewpoint and it does make a really nice
composition I’ve trekked out on to a little precipice and I’ve got to say it
is very high and a little bit close to the edge even for me I’m not feeling
particularly brave today so in the composition I have the two lakes down at
the bottom of this beautiful valley and then in the foreground I’ve got some of
the rocks at the top of this cliff and a few of the grasses just moving around a
little bit providing a little bit of foreground
interest they’re covered in some beautiful golden light at the moment
it’s definitely not the perfect conditions for this shot it would be
beautiful in a winter sort shot with some snow-capped mountains some
moody light today it’s very bright but there are some clouds so there is a fair
bit of contrast in the scene it’s not too bad it’s still gonna be a good shot
it’s my first time here in Snowdonia so…. woah…. so I can’t…..woah…. it’s it’s been a
great experience today I feel like I have made a bit of a connection….woah…
with this place despite the fact I’m nearly falling off this cliff. So I’m not
going to wait till sunset today I’m just gonna trek back down it was a harsh trek
and I don’t fancy doing it in the dark so I’m gonna trek back down to the car
I might get a little sunset shot down by one of these lakes at the end of the day
and then I have a long drive home back to Yorkshire. Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed this video
please leave a comment down below and let me know what you think I would
really really love to hear from you I do read all the comments I reply to as
many as I possibly can depending on what I’m doing but I’ll hopefully see you on
another one very soon head over to to check out the
workshops and you could come on a trip like this with me get a bit of tuition, a bit
of guidance from me and really improve your landscape photography. Anyway I will
see you on another one very soon I’m Adam this is First Man Photography in……. Snowdonia Out!!!!


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