Spidey, Ant-Man & Hulk Rock Out! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – Rock and Roll | SHORT

♪♪ Before I do something
daring and cool, I need to be smart. I need to remember to
be careful and think. And then I make my move. Heh heh. That reminds
me of the time the Hulk learned to
think before he acted. When Hulk found me
and Ant-man in a jam. [clattering] Rock Slide! [tire screech] [crash] [tire screech] I’ve got the
door. You get the guy. You’re kinda small for a hero. Looks can be deceiving. Oh no! Gravelly voice:
Coming through! HULK? Hulk smash! I was in the neighborhood. Thought you could use a hand. Spider-man: We’ve gotta
get the bus off there before the whole
bridge collapses. The supports under the
bridge are unstable. We have to fix
them first. If we just rush in, we could
make the problem worse. Out of the way! I got this. No! Hulk, stop! But I can save the bus. Just have to smash the trees. You can’t just smash your way
through everything, green guy. We gotta do something
about the bridge. Stay there until
we tell you, OK? Don’t move! Ha! Growth discs, do your thing. [zap] Hulk, we’re holding
the bridge together. Now save that bus! But no smash! No smash. I can do that. I don’t like it,
but I can do it. ♪♪ Uh oh! Time to go! Whew! That was too close. Yeah that could
have been… All: Really bad! All right! Here’s the plan. Line up and don’t let any
rocks reach the town. I was just thinking about
starting a rock collection. Let’s see. I’ll take this
one, and this one, and… Oh! This one! Your turn, shrink discs. Giant rocks may be dangerous, but little pebbles
aren’t too awful! [grunt] Ant-man, look out! That’s me! Small but mighty. ♪♪ The last one’s too big. And I’m outta shrink discs! Think, Hulk, think. Wait! I thought of
a great idea. Hulk smash! Can’t smash your way
out of every problem, but I thought it through. This was the right
time to smash. Yeah, it
sure was. And that was the day Hulk
learned that once you thought something through,
then go for it! ♪♪ captions by


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