Stitch Along: Study of Planet Earth – Introduction

Psst, That’s her, that’s The Study of Planet Earth my friends. Now the original has actually gone already to Yarnspirations to their photo studio and you will see that one and that one’s done is Snow Queen. But this one was the prototype that we did and when I say we I mean me and I developed this concept in early of 2019 for another study of stitches. So I decided to come up with a theme of looking at planet earth. Why not, right? There’s a lot of environmental issues going on right now. A lot of things that we take for granted. The trees, the grass, there’s cement [laughs] that we’re covering this or earth with and what I wanted to do is take a look at dividing the, the planet into sections starting from the core going to the outer core and then eventually making its way all the way to the crust. So this particular afghan has been designed on the concept of looking at each one of those cores, what would be my interpretation of the stitches if you were working away from the center of planet earth right here and then moving outward. Yes, it goes to heck saw hexagonal. Hey, [chuckles] it should be technically a circle, but nobody ever uses a circle afghan. Well, very rarely, so I should say not say nobody. So what I want to do is I wanna cover some of the basics that you’re gonna need to know for the Study of Planet Earth that we’ll be doing this summer. Okay, so let’s talk yarn. Yeah the good stuff! So I did the prototype here in Caron Big Cakes but I decided that I wanted to go further into it and look at Bernat Pop as my particular choice at the end. So yes, I did the prototype in Caron Big Cake so how many Caron Big Cakes are you gonna need, four and a half balls in order to do that. So the Bernat Pop you’ll need a total of nine ball, but wait, there is more! I would recommend that you get a tenth ball. So the pattern’s probably gonna say nine balls, but I’m recommending that you get ten balls because you’re gonna use your tenth ball. There are some times in the pattern where it changes color exactly where you don’t want it to change color. Maybe it’s just almost got its way to a round and it’s changing and your eyes are gonna literally jump to it. So you’ll see instructions in the pattern, especially right in the center that you will notice that I’m telling you to doctor your balls. So what I’m telling you is that if there for example we’re going from the purple here and we’re gonna about to go to this more fuchsia color if the purple’s not gonna finish right where it probably looks really cool you can just grab the 10th ball and just pick apart all of these colors out and then just finish things in order to make it look really awesome. So I had my testing team actually do some work to in order for me to test the pattern, but also give more color options. So the testing team that I have so we have six afghans completely done with our testing team. We combed through the pattern and then we also combed through the pattern with Svetlana on one of the designers over at your Yarnspirations to also cover that. So if there’s any mistakes at this point, I know, I don’t even wanna use that ‘M’ word. But hopefully there’s not, no mistakes, but you never know things happen, life happens, that’s, that’s what we’re gonna do. So we’ve got through a lot of people in order to make work. Sometimes what I have in my head doesn’t seem to get to the paper but I’m really quite proud of this design and I think that you will be too. I think it’s a County Fair worthy too just for the texture work itself. So what are some of the stitches that you’re gonna learn? Let’s cover that next. So some of the stitches that you are going to learn and chances are you probably know them anyway, it’s just a matter of changing the order and how you’re going to use them. So I started off with front and back posts right for the center that you see right here. I liked in the really first one, this is the second edition. So we did the Study of Texture in the summer of 2018 so this is the next year later. So I kept the grooves being kinda the same as kind of following through in the series. But this time there’s two grooves so it’s really groovy my friends. So I wanted to do front and back post. We also did a whack of, when I say whack that just is my slang for a lot, did a lot of single crochets stuff in order to make it work. Um, we had the bean stitch so in 2018 Jeanne taught me how to do the bean stitch. So I’ve applied that into this particular one. We have back loops um, and then we wanted to do, when I say we I always say we but it’s only me. But what I wanted to do is I wanted to provide a cable of a stitch here so it’s got cabling braids that you’ll see. And then we’re gonna get into these ridging and this ridging I was inspired by the Tidal Wave, um, um Bag that I did. So the Tidal Wave if you ever see that on our, on The Crochet Crowd you’ll see that there. And then my signature finish that I know you absolutely hate it but um, I did my extended picots because I love that. So I like how it’s just not a flat edge and et cetera. So the back looks really quite awesome too. So if you turn it over and it turns over onto your sofa while you’re on display, no big deal. It’s not gonna be scary and I’m really quite proud of this design and I think that you’ll enjoy it at the same time. So that’s kind of the Study of Planet Earth coming for 2019. I hope that you’re excited about it. I know I am. I have to start filming, but we’re almost done of getting that pattern finally into the beautiful format that you can recognize from Yarnspirations. So stay tuned for more details. We’ll have a launch date soon and that is what you’re gonna be getting into for summer 2019. So join me for summer school with The Study of Planet Earth. Ooooooo! 👋


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