Study Horticulture and Landscape at Swinburne

The event here is the Melbourne Flower
and Garden Show and our students compete in the Achievable Gardens. We have four
students, four stands here with students doing their best to compete for that
award. The students get out of this event a lot of insight into what it’s going to
be like to practice in the industry. They’re competing against people that
have also been trained at high level. They get I guess an understanding of
what the timeline is, what the pressure is and what the demands of the industry
is. So I have my garden in the Achievable Gardens section of course and it’s called Welcome to Wonderland. This garden for me was about bringing out my inner childhood, also bringing out everyone else’s inner childhood. This here is my design. It’s called the Circles of Life. It’s basically snippets of everything I’ve done on on-site. Being a second year landscaper, I’m actually on tools all day a week building the jobs. So being at TAFE learning how it all goes together and actually putting it together is probably the handiest part. I’ve been studying part-time at Swinburne since four years ago and I’ve been studying horticulture and landscape design. This
is our Achievable Gardens showpiece. We’ve worked on a sustainable area where it’s
an edible garden. It can show that you can entertain and harvest at the same time.
Yes we won third place in the Achievable Gardens, so we’re very happy about that. We’re even more happy of the reception we’ve had here. We’ve had hundreds of
people through in two days it’s been quite phenomenal. So it’s a bit of a ‘pop-arty’ Mexican theme. I recently visited Mexico inspired by bright colours and art and how I
think landscape and art very similar and intertwined and that’s what I’ve tried
to achieve. The courses at Swinburne strive to have Work Integrated Learning as part of their course, and you can’t get any better than the Achievable Gardens here at Melbourne Flower and Garden show. I love Swinburne because it’s one of those things where they never take no as an answer.
It’s always how far can you push yourself My boss used to go Swinburne
and he recommended it himself. He enjoyed what he was doing there, so he
suggested I should go there and get the most out of I my apprenticeship. I think it’s the people you meet and the connections you make. The teachers are really good
at helping you and getting you to places. I wouldn’t be able to do
it on my own really and that’s what’s helped me. All their support has been great.

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