Super Cat Planet – Bonus Stage Deathless

Hey there everyone! Today we’ll be taking on the new
bonus area, without dying! In preparation, let’s get dressed and
dye for the occasion! (It’ll be a moment.) First, let’s shower off those colors! It’s time to suit up. Sorry, prong wings, we’ll have to
do without you. [ploink!] Now for the dress.. This is the one! I think. And now for the finishing touch.. [ploink!] There we go! I’m now the famous
water fairy! The variant of water fairy that
controls frozen water. Here we are! We’re here, so… Let’s jump right in! It’ll be fun seeing how long
I go without dying! [thud] Welp, back to the start I go! I can barely contain my excitement! Second attempt is go! [toggletoggle!] [toggletoggle!] So this is where you get the pastry basket. You can throw it at stuff! This screen’s real easy. On the other hand, this one is
more worrisome. [the sound of forgetting how
to do this room] Can’t stall forever. [flapflapflapflapflapflapflap] [thud] Welp, time to backtrack. [BACKTRACKING IN PROGRESS.] [BACKTRACKING IN PROGRESS..] [BACKTRACKING IN PROGRESS…] [BACKTRACKING IN PROGRESS.] [BACKTRACKING IN PROGRESS..] [BACKTRACKING IN PROGRESS…] This is quite the long process if I do say so
so myself. Let’s hope I don’t die more often. Eventually I’m gonna have to
make some jump cuts. Also, about the screen I died in! It’s actually got a skip you can do in it! It’s pretty hard though.
So I won’t do it! Well, we’re almost back! I’d speed it up if I could. Now we’re back at this place again! [noise of concentration continues] [jingle] Wait, what the heck was that? Don’t tell me…
Some lazy egg was playing Cookie Clicker! Man, what a bad time for that. [toggletoggle!] [toggletoggle!] Ah, this screen.. brings back memories! Why? Well… [thud] Whoops. Uh oh… I got back! Took me a while. ..Wait. That timer heavily suggests otherwise! You’re right. It was probably just hacks.
Please ignore it! Anyways, this room is actually
sorta interesting. The reason I bring that up is because… I’m the person who designed it! Yep, feel free to gasp all you want.
An MS Paint image doesn’t submit itself! It really ended up biting me in the butt later, though! Surprisingly, I never died here while recording. The same can’t be said about the room afterwards!
(Wait a minute… that’s a spoiler!) [faint bonk] Alright! All aboard… The flame train!!! [slow flap] In all seriousness, this room is actually
pretty freakin’ hard! Thank goodness it’s the last one
before the boss. [thud] We’re back again! Fire spinners should be
the least of our worries. [suspense] [suspense, followed by unceremonious thud] We’re back at the start now. Let’s
give it our all! [toggletoggle!] I know a certain fellow who would totally
pull out some popcorn for this. [toggletoggle!] That cat really doesn’t get enough credit.
That good luck is quite needed, y’know! [toggletoggle!] [toggletoggle!] No more sitting behind! Let’s rush this! [toggleto-wait] [toggletoggle!] (there we go.) [tottletottle!] [gogglegoggle!] I can barely wait!!! Let’s go!!! [THUD] [THUD?] (Just kidding!) Now onto those pesky wind rooms… [peppy checkpoint jingle] Honestly, smacking into walls doesn’t seem
to be all that taxing. Let’s hope we can best the firebars
after we get to them! Alright! Let’s go!!! [Music intensifies] [suspenseful floating] [suspenseful flapping] Phew! Phew! We made it. Up next is the boss. It’s gonna be a doozy. We all expected this, though.
Let’s do this! We’re near the arena… Okay! Okay… First, to prepare… [PATPATPATPATPAT] [PATPAT] [PATPAT] [PATPATPAT]
(wait) [PATPATPAT]
(wait wh) [PATPATPAT]
(what) [merciless pit-pattering continues] [merciless pit-pattering continues]
We’re almost there! I think we’ve got her! hi ..ehhh.. ..ehhhhh.. ..ehhhhhhh.. oh! oh okay. PHEW! That really took a lot out of me… [celebratory screenwrapping flap fiesta] oh! I love a good thing! [celebratory screenwrapping flap fiesta] [float] [PATPAT] Man, I really am at a loss for words… I’m sure my cats will love to hear the story! [knock knock] Hmm… Seems the door’s locked. I’ll tell them about it later, then. [PATPATPATPATPAT] And now, to watch the beautiful sunrise. [Sun rise] [Sun r][PATPATPATPATPAT] [S][PATPATPATPATPATPAT] [PATPATPATPATPATPAT] [Sunrise climaxes] [END CREDITS]
[PATTERING CONTINUES] Well, that was fun! Have a nice day, everyone. Thanks for watching!


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