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When I think about “Nel Nome del Rock”
the first thing that comes to my mind is the amazing and unique location, the historical site “Parco Barberini” in
Palestrina. It’s the magical location that made the
festival the event that everyone loved so much. We are happy and excited to be here
to tell our story, mainly thanks to the many supporters
who have been asking us for the last four years to bring “Nel Nome del Rock” back. So here we are, to tell you our story and
ask for your support. The 20th anniversary of the festival was also the 10th anniversary of Mark Sandman’s passing. The incredible artist and
leader of the band Morphine who tragically passed on our stage
during their performance in 1999 and to whom our festival is ever since been dedicated. We are a unique independent free festival and we managed to host musicians of all sorts, Italian and international, famous and up and coming, such as: Frankie Hi-NRG, Morphine, of course, other artists such as Kaki King, for example. A musician of pure talent, who gifted us with
unforgettable emotions with her show and probably many of you wouldn’t have had the pleasure to know without “Nel Nome del Rock”. We are happy to be here
to tell our story and we want to start once again bringing back new emotions, for free as always, a chance to socialise, meet new people and different ways of thinking. Since 1989, NNDR has been a place where we grew up, fell in love, broke up, laughed, cried, played and cheered. NNDR gave us a lot, it’s time to give back! You can bring back NNDR with a simple donation.
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