TAEKWONDO – Official Trailer (Walk off the Earth)

*intense disco music* Who is the new kid? Some Canadian guy I would just stay away from him… Hey, who’s that blonde chick back there? Oh you mean Sarah? Yeah she’s one of the ninja’s chicks man. No chance! There’s ninja gangs all around here, man. The high-5 rattlesnakes,
they’re the baddest ninja gang in town Do not mess with them. That Sarah girl has been staring at ya. Get your hands off, punk. *intense fighting sounds* Beat the ninjas, and get the girl. Why do you care if I defeat the ninjas and get the girl? Because I *love* love, and I *hate*, ninjas. Where am I? Drink *slurp slurp slurp* Egh, what is this? Urine *gagging sounds* my dojo *sighs*

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