Telepathic Xenomorph Dreams? – Accounts of the Earth War

Telepathic Xenomorph Dreams? – Accounts of
the Earth War Hicks and Newt shared a connection in the
years after Acheron, they dreamed of the alien creatures that pursued them over a decade
earlier. They were vivid, excruciating, and felt very real. Some were memories, half-forgotten,
altered. Newt dreamed of camping outside the colony, sharing stories of the monsters, and
soon realizing how true the stories really were. She dreamed of being saved by Hicks,
and Hicks dreamed of saving her. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. The common force
of their dreams was the xenomorph, and it seemed to connect them. However, they were
not the only ones dreaming of the creatures. Dr. Orona, in fact, had been studying reports
of Newt’s dreams from her evaluations at Fieldcrest hospital. The descriptions had assisted in
verifying footage taken from the doomed vessel Junket, and the subsequent coordinates to
the alien homeworld. During the Benedict’s mission to those coordinates, back on Earth,
Dr. Orona’s attention had become focused on an alarming phenomena: further reports of
dreams, all within a fifty-klick area. Case #233225—Maria Gonzales
Case #232337—Thomas Culp Case #232558—T. M. Duncan
Case #232745—C. Lockwood All medical patients with descriptions of
the alien that were virtually identical, along with a dozen other similar reports. Thes reports
left Dr. Orona and his staff very curious. “Our data so far do not indicate that the
aliens are particularly intelligent, per se, Dr. Orona reported. “Some of the technicians
on the psyche side did a workup postulating different modes of of communication for the
alien creatures. The most plausible was telepathy – or at least, some form of telephathy. The
sightings are random, and confined to a certain geographical area– very odd. We’ve kept the
existence of the alien creatures secret. All of a sudden we are experiencing a wave of
spontaneous telepathic events. The question is, why now? And why Earth?” The most curious of all were the dreams of
Captain James Likowski, who had been contained by the Bionational Corporation, and had been
the host of their alien specimen. Excerpts from interviews conducted during the time
he was under observation suggested that Likowski was sinking into a deranged state, and his
dreams led to disturibing beliefs. “I’m blind! So scared. Pain — can’t see.
Fly, fly away, my brave little captain. I remember that song. My mother used to sing
it to me when I was small. Pain’s going away. God. I feel — warm now. I’m not scared anymore.
I don’t have to be. She’s going to take care of me. It’s so warm. I’m part of something
new and better. I keep remembering my mother. You spend your whole life trying to forget
the warmth of the womb. But the world’s so empty, so cold. I see it so clearly now. I
was hungering for the warmth again, for that almost preternatural togetherness.
We pretend with our bodies, but it isn’t the same. It can’t be the same.
Career, job, honor, country…all farce. What does it all mean? Reality is the vast loneliness
of our solitary, cold existence. I’m blind. But I finally see.
The darkness is a blanket. Something drips like sweat, all warm and sticky. It feels
good. We were one. God, I loved you. Then I was
torn from you, forced into this naked existence, so alone and cold I never thought I’d feel
that love again. MY TRUE MOTHER is part of me. I can feel her
sliding wet in my throat, filling my lungs, and my stomach, wtapping her fingers inside
so warm. Her teeth glitter like the stars. God, she
is impossibly beautiful. She loves me more than you ever could.” Dr. Orona had been closely monitoring the
reports, with great interest, and began an investigation that ultimately lead to a deranged
preacher, broadcasting images that were unmistakably images of the Xenomorph, claiming the creature
to be The True Messiah. He urged his viewers and followers to prepare for its Coming, and
to listen to the call in their dreams. In this series, I’m recounting the Earth War,
as depicted in the Aliens comics series, and the events leading up to it, as well as its
aftermath. The accounts are explored as originally published, despite certain names, locations,
and other events having been altered over time. If you missed it, the previous video
in this series is Operation Outreach. Stay tuned for the next video, about the Anthill
Skirmish, a crucial event in the trajectory of the War.
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