I really love balancing stones. Mostly because I think
it’s such a great way to also balance myself. And to create something
beautiful at the same time- Even though a little wind is
enough to make it look like your sculpture
never was there. But in this moment, as I try to find a tiny,
tiny little balance point, my thoughts are
completely silent and that’s a very good feeling. Sometimes it only takes
a couple of minutes to make a balance and sometimes an hour. But when it’s done I love
to watch the stone balance. It looks so still and quiet in a world
that is constantly moving. Very often I see people commenting
that it’s fake, that it’s impossible to do this and that it’s photoshopped
or glue. But I kinda get excited
about those reactions, because it’s a proof
that there is so much more in this life
than we could ever imagine. If some people think
that this is impossible, Imagine then how many
more things there is in life that we still think is
impossible just because we
never really tried it. Just because
we’re already put the frames on what is possible or not. I also get a lot of questions
about how to learn this and my advice is: Just go get out there,
find some stones, play around and have fun. After a while,
you will get to know the stones and get a feeling
of how to balance them in the best way. And you will learn to see
which stones works best together. You might spend a lot
of time trying to balance a stone
that will never balance. But you learn something
every time and it’s a wonderful way
of spending time in nature. Depending on what kin of
stone balance you’re doing, the balance point
can be really tiny So the movements that you do while adjusting the stones to find the balance
point are so tiny that you can barely see it
with your eyes, you just feel it
with your hands. And when you finally find
that tiny balance point, the gravity will be there
for you to hold your stones together.


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