The Champions House Is in Chaos After a Meteor Wrecks Earth | The Champions S3 Finale

Is this the Keepers’ Union?! I noticed something in the sky… a giant meteor heading straight for Earth! I’m asking you, goalkeepers, to save the Earth! I have an idea. Gentlemen, meet ze gigantsky mega vratar. Also known as Goaltron. It’s coming left! No, you vollpfosten! It’s right. We need to dive right! Nein! Manuel, nein! Stay back! Stay back! Oh…scheisse! What happens when 800 of the world’s most elite footballers… and their managers live together under one roof? Players stop being polite… and start getting Re-al. This is… The Champions. Dele…everything is in shambles! Yeah, yeah I get it. We’ve just got to take it one match at a time, I suppose. No, Dele, look! Oh…I guess this is a little worse than normal. Ugh…nein. Ugh…this was supposed to be our year! And now the world is ending! Ha, yes! All my prayers have been answered! Kevin? Don’t you see? Everything is destroyed! Man City will be the last team to ever win the Premier League title. Mmm…Kevin… Can I get a little help here? I can’t do this by myself. Aw man, I just got my braces off. In chaos…everything is legal. Oh, no. Not today, Sergio! Is this the knockout stage? It’s crazier than I thought. Oh, oh thank goodness. There you are. My precious little Yankee boy. I thought to be accepted at Chelsea, I’d have to do all these British things. It turns out, all I had to do was score a bunch of goals. Come on, get in, we’ll get you to safety! Where would you take us? Back to Europa house. It’s still standing. Eh…I’d rather take my chances. All right, suit yourselves. Ole’s at the wheel! Ole’s at the wheel! I don’t park the bus–I gun it! I don’t see what everyone is complaining about. Yeah, feels like a home game. Please let me in, please let me in! Oh, my botox is melting! Is the air worse in here? I haven’t seen a disaster this bad since I played for FC Pompeii. That’s nothing. I used to play for Arsenal. Yikes. What was that? Oh, my stomach. I’m 12 minutes overdue for my fourth protein meal. It’s OK. We have a year supply of non-perishable foods in here. No…Benzema. Looks like all the food is gone…you know what this means: It’s OK to eat people! So, uh…should we…head back? We can’t go back. We blew it. We’ll be a bunch of, Loris Kariuses down there. Hey, look! Attention. Keepers of the Champions League…and De Gea. After review by Galactic VAR, We have determined that during the buildup of the meteor, a dust particle was offside. The meteor strike is disallowed. What?! Everything is back to normal! Yes! Haha! We’re back at the top of the table. Agh. Stupid galactic VAR. I guess we’re gonna have to do it the old-fashioned way. Winning 18 matches in a row. Uh, must be nice. Harry, it’s OK. I’m here now. And remember, it could always be worse. We have three whole years before that happens. And by then you’ll be long gone. Hey, look. The Champions League mansion went back to normal. When do we get to reset back to normal? Unfortunately, Phil, I think this is the new normal. This cartoon? It is the “special one” of cartoons. So park your bus right here, and show your respect by subscribing.

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