The Dark Reality Of The Health Of The Earth | We Need Space | Refinery29

I owe you an apology. I’m sorry I haven’t explained myself to you. I know it seems as though I’m trying to get away. So, I can’t imagine how betrayed you must
feel. Please know, it was never my intention to hurt you. I just wish we could somehow go back to the way things were in the beginning when we were young, and naive. But then, we grew together. Explored each other. Tested each other’s limits. We were… unstoppable. Our love was fast, and endless. But then, I changed. It isn’t fair to you. I’m complex. I’m selfish. And I’ve created a toxic environment for both of us. I only want distance so that I can learn to
rebuild a healthy relationship. I don’t expect forgiveness for all the hurt
I’ve caused. But I want you to know that I am changing
for the better. Because this isn’t goodbye. I still need you. So I’m not leaving yet. And I’m going to undo as many wrongs as I can. That’s why I’m making big plans for us. You’re my first love. And I’m forever grateful. Dear Earth, We Need Space.


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