The Earth is living through a critical time at present – Sanat Kumara (ENG subtitles)

The Earth is currently going through a critical period and turning point
Sanat Kumara, March 22, 2005 The evolution of the planet has deviated from the trajectory set up by the Cosmic Law, and requires correction. We come recurrently through different prophets and messengers to remind you about the governing Law and the necessity to follow it. All the prophecies about the end of the world and various disasters that have been given in the past and are being given now, are nothing else but reminders about the necessity to obey the Law governing this Universe. The Law will be observed regardless of whether you wish to obey it or not. The aim of the Higher Forces has always been to keep mankind away from the edge of the abyss, so that it does not destroy itself. The help that has been and continues to be provided, is to expand the consciousness of mankind, to assist in overcoming the internal limitations inherent in people, and to help them ascend to the next level in the evolution of consciousness. The Earth is currently going through a critical period and turning point. The task which is set before mankind now is to realize the fact that besides the physical plane there are more subtle planes, and that man is by nature a Great Cosmic Spiritual Being. Man’s potential is great. But mastering this potential will not happen until man overcomes those qualities that are tying him down to the physical plane. The information field of mankind and the information field of Earth are very closely connected and intertwined. Therefore any imperfect thought affects the entire planet, bypassing the entire globe and entering into resonance with similar imperfect thoughts and feelings. In the same way, thoughts appealing to Weal and Good — positive thought-forms and emotions — add stability to the whole planet and contribute to the alignment of the Earth’s axis. Billions of Cosmic Beings are ready to serve tirelessly, day and night to let you exist and evolve in peace, to balance and prevent many possible catastrophes and cataclysms. This is also the help which you can render to the Ascended Hosts. Meditate on Good, Weal, and Love. Keep inner peace and calmness. Each of you must become a foothold on Earth, a conductor of Light, that will help balance the planet and provide the inflow of Light necessary for Earth to ascend to the next evolutionary level. I enjoy watching the achievements of many of you. And I am sincerely glad for your success on the Path.

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