The Lone Planet – Mars

hey we’re back twice in one day. over
here in the southeast sky pretty high up is Mars it’s above that willow tree
there and I switched cameras over to the Canon 80D so there we go, let me change the ISO and now put the digital zoom on. alright
there’s our settings right now and we have a Mars out of focus kind of cool but let’s try to get it in better. okay
so it looks like our brother up there is still rising and apparently Mars is getting further
and further away from us so we’re not gonna get the best shots of it. I was
hoping to get Saturn also but from my location I think that’s it, so it’ll be a
couple more months now before we’ll be able to get that planet in again which
is a shame because it’s one of my favorites but Mars it’s the only thing I
can see up here, and that’s a grainy shot but I’ll put some pictures in here so we
can see the sky. nothing else is showing that comet 46P should be over in the
southeast sky, real low on the horizon though at the moment. I don’t know if we can
see it by eye yet or not. so I’m hoping wherever you are you have better skies
and a lot more incredible objects to see than I can which is one lone planet and
some clouds that’s about it. Alright, picture time okay it’s time for me to get out of the
puddles here and call it a night y’all take care have a great night now


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