The Mystery Of The Black Knight Satellite

Lots of people believe in the abstract theory
of alien life. But some people believe aliens have not only
visited Earth, they actually placed a mysterious device into orbit above our planet thousands
of years ago that they use to communicate with humanity. Sounds crazy? Here’s a look at the mystery of the Black
Knight satellite. First sighting In 1954, the New York Times ran an article
saying that a Dr. Lincoln LePaz had discovered two satellites orbiting the Earth. The reason this was news? In 1954, no country had managed to launch
any satellites yet. Whatever LePaz saw, it was enough to worry
the Pentagon for a while that the Russians might have beaten America into space. LePaz later said he made it all up, while
the Army said no such satellites existed. Still, many people believe the satellites
were there – and they were made by aliens. The Tesla connection Nikola Tesla is the internet’s favorite scientist
and is famous for lots of other things, too, like inventing the Tesla coil, his dislike
of women, and his strange obsession with pigeons. In 1899, though, he made his most controversial
discovery when he claimed to have received an electric signal sent by aliens. He even published an article for Collier’s
Weekly subtly titled “Talking with the Planets” where he theorized the signal was from Mars. Modern conspiracy theorists, however, believe
Tesla was actually intercepting a message from the Black Knight satellite. The next communication According to Vice, in 1927, a Norwegian engineer
named Jorgen Hals was listening to radio signals when he noticed some of them had a strange
“echo.” Despite turning to other physicists for help,
Hals could never explain these “long-delayed radio echoes.” But some believe the answer is pretty obvious. Space race sighting By the end of the 1950s, the space race was
in full swing and both the U.S. and USSR had managed to put satellites in orbit. But according to Skeptoid, on February 11,
1960, a radar used by the U.S. Navy picked up the presence of a strange “dark, tumbling
object” that didn’t belong to either country. Americans freaked out, worried that it was
a new Soviet satellite, but Time Magazine announced it was just a innocent piece of
space junk. However, thanks to declassified documents,
we now know that it was a coverup, as it was actually an American spy satellite doing reconnaissance
on Russia. But is that just another layer to a deeper
coverup for the Black Knight satellite? Hmmm! The lost tape Even the French managed to get in on the conspiracy
action. In 1961, a scientist named Jacques Vallee
made a startling discovery: there was a bright, unidentified object in retrograde, meaning
it was moving in the opposite direction of Earth’s rotation. The technology to put satellites in retrograde
is available to humanity now, but didn’t exist at the time. When Vallee showed a recording of his findings,
though, his superior confiscated the tape and erased the footage. Nobody knows why, but some people believe
it’s because the lost tape showed proof of the existence of the Black Knight satellite. Or maybe… An astronaut’s alleged sighting Mercury 7 Astronaut Gordon Cooper would seem
to be a reliable source, so many conspiracy theorists put great stock in the rumor that
Cooper saw the Black Knight satellite while orbiting the Earth. Allegedly, up to 100 more people on Earth
even saw the satellite on their radar while tracking Cooper’s flight. One problem, though: according to Skeptoid,
Cooper “was adamant” that his sighting of the Black Knight was made up by UFO fanatics. So what’s the truth? Only the aliens know for sure! The people of Epsilon Boötis In the 1970’s, science fiction author Duncan
Lunan took those radio echoes Jorgen Hals discovered in the 1920’s and mapped them against
constellations. He concluded that the signals were from the
star Epsilon Boötis, and claimed the decoded message said this: “Our home is Epsilon Boötis, which is a double
star. We live on the sixth planet of seven — check
that, the sixth of seven — counting outwards from the sun, which is the larger of the two
stars. Our sixth planet has one moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planet each have one. Our probe is in the orbit of your moon.” Lunan later withdrew his claims, but theorists
believe the mention of a probe orbiting the moon is actually talking about the Black Knight
satellite orbiting Earth. Recent sightings In 1998, the crew of Space Shuttle Endeavour
photographed something in orbit that looked very similar to other images of the alleged
Black Knight satellite. However it was concluded that it was probably
just a thermal blanket that had been lost in space. In 2015, there were at least two sightings,
including an object passing in front of the Moon and footage of the satellite hovering
over Florida before disappearing. And in April 2017 there was footage released
to tabloids that supposedly showed an “Illuminati rocket” blowing up the Black Knight Satellite. The jury is still out on this one, but one
thing is for sure: if that rocket was fired by the person who actually got JFK, we
could finally be close to getting some real answers. Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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