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All right, if you’re one of the four
people who subscribe to this channel. You might remember me mentioning I’m a big
fan of Godzilla, and when it comes to anime ,I love fucking monsters. So
naturally, I was really excited to check out Godzilla Planet of Monsters. Godzilla
Planet of Monsters is of course the first animated version of Godzilla we’ve
gotten in a while. There have been other animated versions of Godzilla before.
There was the 1998 animated series which wasn’t that bad, especially when you
consider it was based off a fucking dumpster fire. There was also the 1978
Hanna-Barbera cartoon which can be best “That’s some Bullshit.” Needless to say Godzilla’s track record in animation is
questionable at best. But that didn’t ruin my excitement for Godzilla Planet
of Monsters. You see unlike the previous animated versions of Godzilla, Godzilla
Planet of mMonsters is the first Godzilla animated series to be produced and
developed in Japan. Now an anime version of Godzilla seems like a no brainer. It
should be the greatest thing ever it should be as great as a big tittied
anime girl who showers you with an endless supply of pizza and beer. Yeah,
that’s not the case Godzilla Planet of Monsters kind of sucks. The film kicks
things off with the earth being ravaged by monsters, all while being visited by
to separate alien races. The Exif, a group of religious missionaries, and the
Bilusaludo. Who have a plan to kill Godzilla with Mecha Godzilla. Fuck Yeah!
But Mecha Godzilla doesn’t work, everything goes to shit, and the three
races have to evacuate the Earth to look for a new inhabitable planet. Since they
can’t find a new inhabitable planet, everyone has to come back to the Earth
which has become the titular “Planet of Monsters!” Planet of Monsters Feels like a mixture of Shin Godzilla, Godzilla 2014, and Attack on Titan. The main character, Haruo,
Named after Godzilla suit actor Haruo Nakajima. Is sort of like Planet of
Monsters version of Eren Yeager. Even the plot of Planet of Monsters, which has the
remnants of humanity confined to a small colony while trying to take back their
home, is very reminiscent of Attack on Titan. Now, I don’t have a problem with
movies ripping off ideas from other movies, like some people. Especially
Godzilla movies. Lord knows they’ve done it before. Godzilla films have ripped off
Back to the Future, The Terminator, Indiana Jones, The Matrix.
Who gives a shit if they rip off Attack on Titan. The problem is Planet of
Monsters doesn’t know how to handle an Eren Yeager type character. Attack on
Titan spends the first five episodes developing Eren’s character and
backstory. Attack on Titan makes you sympathize with Eren by showing you his
relationship with his friends, as well as showing you the toll the Titans have
taken on the human race. So by the time Eren faces off with the Colossal Titan
for a second time, you are completely with him, and you understand why he’s
driven by rage. Planet of Monsters takes Haruo’s backstory and condenses it to
five minutes, then locks him in a cell. So you never get a chance to relate to his
situation. The film doesn’t spend any time developing his motivations and he
ends up coming off as a one note character. When Haruo finally faces
off with Godzilla, it should feel like a big deal, but it just falls flat. Because
the movie hasn’t earned the moment. Rather than feeling like a rival finally
facing off with a bitter enemy,it just feels like angry guy fights monster. And
quite frankly, I can’t tell if Haruo is supposed to be a hero or villain. He’s
extremely unlikable and just comes off as needlessly surly. It also doesn’t help
that the film starts off with hHaruo planting bombs on a landing ship and
threatening to blow up the vessel, that’s filled with grandparents and children, if
the landing ship doesn’t return to the home base. See the reason Haruo is
holding the landing ship hostage is because he thinks the higher-ups aren’t
sending the landing ship down to save the people. Haruo thinks the higher-ups are knowingly sending the landing ship down
to an inhospitable planet, in an effort to kill them. So in other words, the
hero’s plan to save the grandparents and children from dying on an alien planet,
is to blow them up in space. What the fuck? It’s not just Haruo, all the
characters are underdeveloped. They basically break down to blonde guy, effemine priests guy, old
guy, girl guy, this guy, that guy, some guy. What makes it even worse is that the
character designs are generic, and everybody’s wearing the same goddamn
spacesuit. I had to watch the movie three times before I realize this was two
different fucking characters. Most anime that revolve around characters living on
a spaceship, will give them different color space suits, or at least give
everyone a unique style with the way they wear their spacesuit. You know, it
helps to differentiate the characters. Makes it a little bit easier to tell
them apart, maybe it even gives you a little bit of insight into their
personality. But in this movie everyone’s wearing the same fucking spacesuit in
the same fucking way. It’s just the same person, over and over and over and over
and over. You could probably explain the fact that
the reason everyone is wearing the same uniform in Planet of Monsters is to
reinforce the idea of unity and conformity amongst the ship inhabitants.
Sort of like what Attack on Titan II did. But I think that would be generous.
Honestly I think the reason everyone is wearing the same fucking spacesuit is
because the animation team figured it would be easier to model one suit, change
some patches, then slap on different heads. I also had a really hard time
trying to figure out what the interpersonal relationship was between
the characters. You would think people living together on a spaceship would
have a bond with each other. You know, because they spend so much time in close
proximity. But everyone in this movie feels like strangers meeting each other
for the first time. There’s a reference to Haruo and Leland being childhood
friends, but there’s no chemistry between them. They just seem like colleagues who
coldly acknowledge each other. And for the life of me, I could not figure
out what the fuck was going on between Haruo and Yuko. When you goYuko is first
introduced Haruo reacts as if he knows her, and then there are hints they
have a past.But Yuko just talks to Haruo as if he’s her superior and
they’ve never had a relationship before. What makes it even more bizarre is
earlier in the film, when Haruo is about to blow up the landing ship, he
talks to one of the people on the ship and refers to him as “grandfather.” Then
when Haruo and Yuko are talking, she mentions her grandfather was on the
landing ship. So is this two different grandfathers? Or is it the same
grandfather? Are Haruo and Yuko related? Why doesn’t she say “YOU TRIED TO KILL MY GRANDFATHER YOU STUPID FUCK!” I think a lot of these problems are compounded by the fact, that Planet of
Monsters is meant to be the first part of the trilogy. So it just feels like an
incomplete film. It actually feels more like a pilot to a TV series. Where
there’s a lot of plot, and there’s a lot of setup, but nothing has ever paid off.
It’s actually a problem I see with a lot of Hollywood films, that are trying to
start franchises. They introduce all these plot threads, and you just have to
assume they’re gonna pay them off in later films. It’s like they’re giving you
a fucking beta copy of the movie. They know there are plot holes, and they know
there are things that don’t add up, they’re just hoping the sequel fix all
that shit. Visually Godzilla Planet of Monsters is
kind of a mixed bag. I like the CGI, and I think it’s a good fit for a Godzilla
anime. The suits and miniature sets of the classic Godzilla films created a
stylized reality, which I think CGI preserves. If the Godzilla anime was just
traditionally animated, the Godzilla scenes would lose that feeling of
heightened realism. I think the opening of the film is brilliant, both of
visually and dramatically. It’s undeniably the best part of the anime.
Unfortunately Planet of Monsters blows its visual load in the first five
minutes. The rest of the movie has this banal sameness, with copy and pasted
character models, and a very bland color palette. Everything on the titular Planet
of Monsters just looks monochromatic and fucking boring. Okay, so maybe this is
just the Godzilla fan in me speaking now, but I really don’t think it’s fair to
pick apart the plot of Godzilla Planet of Monsters. I mean, plenty of things in
the Showa Godzilla movies didn’t make any fucking sense. Seriously, trying to
figure out the physics of this will make your fucking head explode, and trying to
explain the logic of Godzilla’s super kick is like unweaving a rainbow. The
mystery is what makes it so intriguing. Rational logic didn’t matter in the
later Showa Godzilla films, because the Showa Godzilla movies weren’t really
about the story ,they were about creating an over-the-top spectacle. However with
its serious tone and sparse monster action, Godzilla Planet of Monsters
forces you to analyze the story. Because there isn’t much else going on, and quite
frankly, I think that’s the core problem. You see, Godzilla Planet of Monsters
isn’t just an anime Godzilla film, with a serious take on Godzilla. it’s the third
serious take we’ve had on Godzilla since 2014. All three of the recent Godzilla
films depict him in the same way, as an unstoppable, uncaring, force of nature.
Which is a throwback to Godzilla 1954. Godzilla 2014 did take some elements
from the Heisei a series, and Shin Godzilla did have its moments of levity,
but all in all they were both serious depictions of Godzilla. Planet of
Monsters continues this approach, and at times it’s even more dour and more
depressing than the past two films. A Godzilla anime, with aliens, that takes
place in the future, and has characters visiting an earth that has become a
planet of fucking monsters, was a great opportunity to have more fun with the
material. An anime version of Godzilla is a great
venue to bring back the more over-the-top
elements of the character. I mean we don’t have to get as silly as like,
fucking Godzilla dancing. But we could get into Destroy All Monsters territory.
Even the title “Planet of Monsters” calls to mind Monster Island, from the later
Showa films. Now I do realize expecting Godzilla to go back to the Showa era is
kind of a fucking pipe dream.Toho isn’t really willing to go full retard, and go
too over the top with the Godzilla franchise. Even, though I thought Final
Wars was great it wasn’t a huge success, and it did get a lot of mixed reactions.
Okay, so maybe the Showa Godzilla can’t really connect with modern audiences the
way it did in the past. But I do think the HHeisei Godzilla is a perfect fit for a
Godzilla anime. The great thing about the Heisei Godzilla, is it managed to turn
Godzilla into a character without sacrificing his credibility. Showa
Godzilla was an over-the-top superhero, but Heisei Godzilla was a fuckin badass,
no-nonsense, antihero. Sure Heisei Godzilla might save the city from another monster,
but the only reason he saved the goddamn city, was so he could be the one to
fucking destroy it himself. Rather than retreading the same territory as Shin
Godzilla, Planet of Monsters could have treated Godzilla as an actual character.
I think that would have made Godzilla more engaging to the audience, and it
would set him apart from the other current versions of the character.
Because right now Godzilla Planet of Monsters, just feels like Shin Godzilla,
in Godzilla 2014’s body. So even though I have my problems with Godzilla Planet of
Monsters. I didn’t hate it, and there were plenty of things that I did enjoy. I’m
not a fan of Godzilla’s design, but I thought the look of the character fit
the world perfectly. And all the Godzilla action scenes were excellent. They most
certainly delivered on the damage you’d expect to see from a Godzilla movie. I
also thought the ending of the film showed a lot of promise. The introduction
of the native girl has a lot of cool possibilities, and I think she’ll be a
great addition to the roster of characters. In a lot of ways the last 20
minutes of the film ,is just as strong as the opening. The movie is bookended quite
nicely. It’s just a shame the middle is such a fucking letdown. I found the
themes the movie was presenting to be really compelling, and I look forward to
see where the filmmakers go with these ideas. Godzilla is usually a metaphor for
Japan, but Planet of Monsters almost seems like a representation of the world
in general. It explores the issue of citizens and
refugees, and asks the question “Who does the earth belong to?” and “Does anyone really
deserve a home?” It’s also fascinating the way they set up the different alien
races, and I’m very interested to see how the filmmakers treat their interactions in
the future. So in closing, even though I was
disappointed with the first part of Godzilla Planet of Monsters,
I am excited for the sequel, and here’s hoping the sequel irons out all the
problems with this film.


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