The Satellite that Protects Itself

virtually every military mission relies on satellite communications from data gathered by UAVs to teleconferencing between military leaders ws is the backbone of our military’s ability to communicate one satellite by itself can’t service the entire globe so it’s really important to have an entire network of satellites to make sure that we have full coverage WGS is the satellite network used by the military and our allies to communicate across the world anytime anywhere we want to protect the satellite as much as we can so WGS is going through a fleet-wide upgrade right now by uploading new software and modifying the ground segments to allow continuous communications that aren’t interfered with one of the major things that the military isn’t looking into is how to make satellites more resilient to jamming sources of jamming can range from an adversary that’s trying to affect your communications path to someone who is accidentally in that bandwidth one of the enabling technologies for anti-jam capabilities is the use of phased array antennas by adjusting the power and timing of each of the antenna elements we’re able to create a shapeable beam to avoid the jammer that allows for war fighters to stay connected wherever they’re located when you take into account satellites that allow upgrades through software and the ability to provide anti-jam protection it all allows us to provide a more resilient system that the military can count on you


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