The Social Media Garbage Landscape: Fake News & Data Privacy | AXIOS on HBO

♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ Why is our email,
why are our texts, why are our Snaps,
why is everything filled
with such garbage? There’s just so much out there
right now, I don’t even think most people
realize how much their brain
has to handle.Four hundred hours of video
uploaded to YouTube per minute;
five-hundred-million tweets
sent per day;
there’s over three-billion
Snapchats sent per day.
That’s where all that hyperbolic
news comes from.
But why is it
that all these things that start out good so quickly become bad, and even flirt with evil?You look at some of the fake
news on these platforms,
it’s being created by peoplewho are taking advantage of
the fact that they’ve been given
that access.This isn’t just something
that’s happened with digital:
think about Luther
back in the day.
When the printing press
was created,
he was writing down
those 95 theses,
and he was posting them
and there were some people
that felt what he was doing
was bad action.Whenever you have
a transformative technology,
there are going to be people
who use it in ways
that were unexpected.
JIM:We all wanna
blame Facebook,
we all wanna blame big media.We don’t blame ourselves.We’re the ones who choose
to share a bunch of shit
on social mediawithout even reading
the story first.
We’re the ones that engage
in argument on Twitter;
we’re the ones that are telling
the Facebook machine
the garbage that we want
our mind to be littered with.
Look, why’s that
Facebook’s problem?
You’re the moron!
SARA:You, the moron,
are gonna need some sort
of incentive, though, to change.
(SHEEP BLEATS) SARA:It used to bethat there was a market
for quality news
through advertising.
-Advertisers were incentivized
to put ads…

-(CAR ENGINE ROARS)…next to quality stuff. Why?-(TIRES SCREECH)
-‘Cause it makes their products
look like crap
if it’s next to an abundance
of crap.
-The economics around that
have changed.

-SARA: All they needed to do…-(BICYCLE BELL RINGS)
-…was hit you once.
Newspapers only had to sell
one newspaper to you per day.
That’s no longer enough.Now I need to be making surethat I’m capturing
your time and attention
constantly.It used to be that
natural resources was power.
-Facebook is
a technology company
and their main currency is
the data they collect on you
so that they can serve you ads.And we didn’t realize that
until it was too late.
JIM: Let’s say we actually had
members of Congress
who understood technology, and they were gonna regulate, and the public wants them
to regulate. How would I regulate Facebook? I think lawmakers
are going to pass some sort of national privacy
legislation that would protect users from their data being used
to push crap at them.Nancy Pelosi, right now,
is talking about
creating an internet
bill of rights.
But I think the bottom linefor everyone in Washington
is that
we’re eventually
going to get there.
-Europe just passed privacy
legislation in May,
and it’s completely changed
the internet economy there.
-JIM:The Anti-Crap Trap Bill.


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