The Survival-Planet Universe Project concept

What if there was a game, set on a world the
size of our planet with one universe that all players lived within, that
allowed players to expand without limit What if there was a game, that allowed
you to come up with your own playing style that could be played an infinite number of ways
where the gameplay was as diverse as the choices make in your own life What if there was a game were survival
was necessary weather it was real safety was in numbers The universe project is the most
ambitious and unique computer game project ever undertaken that seeks to reinvent the computer game
by creating a completely new genre… the Virtual Parallel Universe it begins on a planet devoid of
humanity and infrastructure where the players invent their own tools, skills, and weapons…band together teach each other, and build together This is the world modeled after our own A simulation of humanity by humanity
as individuals Just like massive online games of today in the game, every character is a real
player and each player controls a single character in the game world a player can pick apples to sell in a nearby town or farm if they want more efficiency a player can build a boat to sail across rivers and lakes, or ships to get across the largest of oceans players can steal what they do not have or raise armies to conquer entire villages or even empires a player can start his own village, governed by
his own rules, or mastermind the building of the nation fueled by economic growth and stability the game environment will be enormous, and
it will start on a planet the actual size of Earth To put this into perspective, if a player were to attempt to walk completely around the game world, it would take just over a year We wont be stopping at a single planet
however, as the game progresses, and players
continue to advance their technological strengths eventually all space will open
up to them How you succeed in this ever-changing
world depends on what interests you most about it What would you do? Learn more about this project by
choosing one of these videos


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