The True Shape of the Earth: It is not a Globe!

. The True Shape
of the Earth: it is not a Globe! . NASA’s entire space program has
been built on a single lie; the Earth is a ball
circling the Sun. . That lie and everything
built up on it must fall. WLC’s purpose for
existence has been the dissemination of truth to
as many people as possible; to actively
search out truth, and share it as it
is discovered. To do this effectively,
WLC has remained independent of any
denominational ties, to freely prepare a people
for the Saviour’s soon return. A new concept has arisen: the true form of the earth. . The WLC team has studied
no other truth that at first glance, so obviously flew in the face
of accepted scientific fact. . The theory, the world is a
globe revolving around the sun has been accepted
for so long, it is now widely
accepted as fact. Research has revealed
the Earth is in reality not a globe spinning through
endless realms of space. Neither it’s spherical as
taught for 500 years, nor able to be fallen
from the edges, the flat earth is exactly as the ancients have
taught through Scripture: a fixed mass of
land and seas, enclosed by a protective dome. “Cultures the world
over throughout history have all described and reported the existence
of a geocentric, stationary flat earth. Egyptians,
Indians, Mayans, Chinese, Native Americans, and literally every ancient
civilization on earth had a geocentric,
flat earth cosmology. Before Pythagoras, the
idea of a spinning ball earth was non-existent,
and even after Pythagoras, it remained an obscure, minority
view until 2,000 years later when Copernicus began reviving
the heliocentric theory.” . Yahuwah is the Creator. He works within His
own laws of science. Just as Scripture teaches,
science, astronomy and applied
mathematics support a fixed earth
enclosed by a dome. The Word of the Almighty
is sufficient evidence to support any
belief or doctrine. Thus, even if the
laws of science did not support this truth, WLC would embrace it. . With this new understanding of
the Earth’s true layout, more light has been
shed on prophecy. Scripture foretold: “Thou
must prophesy again” (Revelation 10:11). An enclosed earth gives the
complete and final fulfillment of the three
angels’ messages as the world is
called upon to: 1. First Angel’s Message: Worship the Creator. (Revelation 14:7). 2. Second Angel’s Message: As this truth spreads the
various religious organizations that constitute Babylon will without exception reject
this glorious truth. Thus the second Angel’s
warning of the fall of Babylon will reach its
ultimate fulfillment. (Revelation 14:8). 3. Third Angel’s Message: All who stand for this truth will face persecution as
foretold by the third angel, when the Pope is
made the leader of the new one
world religion teaching a globe earth
encircling the sun. (Revelation 14:8). The WLC team invites
you to study carefully the evidence for yourself. While you gather
more information it is fine to keep first
things first in your life or to admit you are
not sure about this. However, do not close
your mind dogmatically to this possibility without
reviewing carefully the evidence available. The danger in encountering
new truth is the minds dealing with a very
different paradigm, whereby after
assimilation chaos arises with a grim determination
never to be deceived again. The temptation is to throw
out all of one’s beliefs, even the truths
one already has. Understand this
reaction for the self-defense
mechanism that it is, and do not racially cast aside other established truths. Please do not reject
this or any topic without careful and
prayerful study. Be prepared to follow the
truth wherever it leads. The angel told Daniel
‘At the time of the end: “many shall run to and fro and
knowledge shall be increased.” (Daniel 12:4) . Now is the time knowledge
is being increased. As you study, remember the
following three steps. (1). Stay open to new light. Reject nothing
without careful and thorough research. . (2). Accept nothing
without careful and thorough research. Just because
something is new, does not automatically
make it correct. (3). Share the truth you have
been given with others. Study this
subject carefully. Heaven has much
more to reveal the diligent
searcher for truth. [Music]

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