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– Hey everybody
we’re in Shanghai! – And we’re going to
show you around the city. (upbeat music) – We have arrived in
Shanghai and it is just as impressive as it was
the first time we were here. I think the skyline
has grown even more. – If that’s even
possible, I have to agree. It looks beautiful
at night though. – The Bund is a 1.5 kilometer
stretch of waterfront property running along the western
bank of the Huangpu River. Historic colonial
buildings line the streets dating back to the early 1900s. They house many
financial institutions and consulates at the time. This stretch along
The Bund is known as the Museum of Architecture. Well if you’re going
to walk along the Bund, definitely the time
to do it is at night. It just all of the
buildings are lit up, iIt’s an incredible skyline
and this is really the chance to see it in all it’s glory. Two decades ago Pudong
was nothing but farmland but today it houses
some of the highest and most unique
skyscrapers on Earth. The Bund is definitely
the best view of this spectacular display of lights. So it’s a pretty
impressive light show on both sides of the river. Neo-colonial buildings, they
have been lighting them up and I think it actually this
one is a little more impressive because they have a
whole pattern going on. So, yeah it’s beautiful
on either side. While this is
obviously the best view of the Shanghai skyline
over here on The Bund because it is
definitely the busiest. I’d say it’s like
20 people deep, there’s no way we’re
getting to the front, we’re just going
to keep on walking, but wow, it is gorgeous. (upbeat music) Well coming down in Nanjing, this is Shanghai’s premier
shopping and walking street. And if you come in the morning people are out doing
tai chi and dancing and practicing
their martial arts. (new age music) – One of the things I
really love about Shanghai is how they’ve kept all
the colonial architecture mixed in with modern,
it’s a very cool city and everything is just on
one of the, a huge scale. It’s pretty awesome. – Nanjing Road is so long
it has a trolley that can take you down and it’s
only 5 Yuan per person. So it’s highly worth it if
you’re tired to take a ride. Well it’s a very different scene at night here in Nanjing
on the walking street. In the day you have,
well early in the morning you have tai chi and dancing, middle of the day it’s just
crazy with tons of people, night time it has
a whole new vibe. The neon lights are
on, the people are out, it’s a very energetic
place to be. And you have to
make sure that you come at all different
times of the day to see how it differs. (new age music) Well we are certainly getting
a lot of different views of the Shanghai Tower
and all the skyscrapers on the Pudong area and you
just can’t get enough of it. So this is a nice
elevated walkway between the IFC Mall and
all of the skycrapers and you really get a great view, you’re just surrounded by all of the really cool
skyline of Shanghai. – This is the way it should be. You have an above
walkway like this, it doesn’t interfere
with any traffic and you can have as many
people up here as you want. I think Toronto
needs to adopt this. – So we’re on our way
to the Jin Mao Tower, there’s a great lookout
on the 88th floor so that’s what we’re
going to head up to now. (upbeat music) – We’re going up
the Jin Mao Tower. – Yes we are. (upbeat music) – So this tower is one of
the more popular sightseeing because you get a free ticket if you’re on the hop-on
hop-off tour buses. But Dave and I wanted to come
up here because we really like the inside view which
is pretty art deco. But it is loud and a little
bit annoying up here. There are several
observation decks to view the Shanghai skyline. The Shanghai Tower is the latest and often considered the best as it’s the second tallest
building in the world. The Shanghai World
Financial Center is famous for it’s
bottle opener design and it has a glass
floor walkway. You can also go up the
Oriental Pearl Tower and the Jin Mao Tower offers
not only 360 degree views but if you are adventurous you can
go outside on the Sky Walk. But our favorite view was from
the Ritz Carlton Patio Bar. Well you must come up to
the top of the Ritz Carlton, to the bar on the 58th floor,
it has one of the best views, you can have a cocktail and
overlook the Shanghai Tower. – Cheers! – I would have to say
that with all of the views that are in Shanghai I
think it has the best view. – Not only have a
drink, enjoy a drink, but have a great view
like the one behind me of the Pearl Tower,
pretty amazing. – I think it’s better than the
lookout we were at yesterday so it’s about 20 bucks for
a glass of wine up here, it’s worth it in my opinion
and you get to go outside. – Yeah, even better. (oriental music) – Okay so we’re walking
around the Yu Gardens, it actually looks like it’s
an entire walking street and mall as well as gardens,
so lets go check it out. (oriental music) The Yu Garden is a
classic Chinese garden dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Located in the Old City
it is surrounded by a traditional Chinese bazaar
where you can buy souvenirs, sip on coffee or try some of
Shanghai’s famous dumplings. Shanghai is famous
for it’s dumplings so when you’re here
you have to try some. They’re easy, you can
get them anywhere. Yu-ummy. Well Yang’s Dumpling is
where you can get yourself a really good
authentic dumpling. Yang’s Dumpling is a
popular dumpling chain in Shanghai and around China. It’s one of the easiest
place for foreigners to order dumplings and
you should give it a try. – Yum, I’m ready! (oriental music) – The Yu Garden is
an excellent example of ancient Chinese architecture. It dates back to 1559 under
the rule of the Ming Dynasty. The elements of a Chinese
garden consist of rockery, water, greenery and pavilions. They were meant to be a place
of meditation and relaxation. – Well I wouldn’t actually
call it a leisurely stroll here but it is beautiful and
something definitely
you should see. Yu Gardens! (oriental music) We’re going to
the Jing’an Temple and it’s going to pretty cool,
I’m looking forward to it. There’s lots of great
temples here in Shanghai. – Wow, Jing’an Temple is
definitely worth coming out. It’s only two stops from the
People’s Square on the subway and it costs about
5 Yuan to get here, so definitely come and visit
this when you’re in Shanghai. (oriental music) Jing-an Temple
definitely reminds me of Lama Temple in Beijing. It’s full of locals who
are burning incense and throwing money and now we’re
going to go up to the Temple. (inspirational music) – Made it up, it’s
pretty amazing. – Jing’an Temple is a Buddhist
temple dating back to 247AD. It was restored during
the Cultural Revolution but in 1983 it was returned
to it’s original purpose with renovations
completed in 2010. The Main Hall houses the largest sitting jade Buddha
in all of China. You can walk through
the halls and take in the atmosphere
freely when visiting and locals will give
you a warm welcome. So everyone’s trying to get
their coins inside the urn and I’m telling you,
everyone has pretty bad aim. (inspirational music) When you come to Shanghai
you must come over to the French Concession. There’s a lot of great
restaurants and cafes and little alleyways to explore. The French Concession
is a quiet district with tree-lined streets and
European-style cafes and villas. It’s worth spending
a day exploring the back lanes and alleyways. Here we have a lovely
walking street in Tianzifang. There’s a lot of little
shops and boutiques and it’s worth taking a trip. Tianzifang is a fashion district within the French
Concession filled with old narrow alleyways
selling street food, souvenirs and boutique fashions. It has a funky modern
vibe blending with history and tradition. (new age music) So behind me are the three
statues of happiness, longevity and business, Fu
Lu Shou in Chinese. That’s clearly longevity. That’s all business, that’s
what you get to be emperor when you’re making a complaint, and this is the
statue of happiness. A popular spot for expats,
the French Concession is a lovely escape from
the hustle and bustle of a chaotic Shanghai. – So it’s really easy to take
the subway here in Shanghai. You just grab you’re
tickets at this machine. You have to know where you’re
going though, that’s the key. So you got this big map here, where you gonna go, we
know we’re going line 2, cool that’s where we’re
going to go and then to our stop, tells you
the fare, two people, throw in your money
and you’re good to go. And it’s really reasonable
and make sure that you carry small change because you’ll
get it back in coins. – [Female Host] Taking the
subway is one of the fastest and easiest ways to
get around Shanghai. Now we need to
find our sign, east to Shun Yi or to the airport? – So after you’ve got
your ticket come down here and make sure you get the right
side that you’re going to. We know that this side, just
by looking on the map is Lujaizui, I think
that’s what it’s called but we go out the other side so we know we’re going this way. – We’re off. Don’t let the subway
intimidate you, you’ll get to see a lot
more in a short time if you take public transit. Well if you want to
come and get your cheap shopping on in Shanghai
AP Plaza is the way to go. You’re going to get swarmed! – Yep, they got everything
here from clothing to electronics to
watches, you name it. – I’m going to go buy
me a nice shiny Rolex. (happy music) – You can get everything here
at the AP Market, you have you know shirts, clothes,
suitcases, bags, watches, electronics, you name
it they got it here. (happy music) Shopping is a huge part
of coming over to Shanghai so you have to hit
some of the malls here. They’re pretty
incredible, they’re all right around each other over
here in the Pudong section. It’s worth it to spend a
little dough while you’re here. (happy music) – Well The Bund
during the daytime is a very different
experience than at night. A lot less people and it’s
still very pleasant though. (happy music) So behind me is Lovers Wall,
this is a very popular place for date night in the previous
generation here in Shanghai, so they dedicated this wall to
all of the lovers out there. While exploring The Bund
be sure to stop in the Pudong Development Bank to view the beautiful mosaic ceiling. The neo-classical
building’s interior is decorated with marble
imported from Italy and it has a dome
mosaic depicting the 12 signs of the zodiac. During the revolution they
were covered with stucco but in 1997 renovations uncovered
the beautiful works of art. So there’s a nice little
area called the People’s Park and the People’s Square
that you can walk through. And it’s a place
where a lot of artists and the galleries are and the
museum and you have also the opera and the theater, so it’s a nice area that’s
just off of Nanjing Road. Well the Shanghai
Museum is definitely one of the busiest
stops in the city. (mid-tempo panpipe music) So we always find one of
the best ways to get around when we feel overwhelmed, ’cause
Shanghai is so overwhelming is to get on a hop-on
hop-off tour bus, so that’s what we’re
going to do right now. We’re just going to
go around the city and get off at all
the major sites. – This is the best way
to get around the city for an economical cost. – Yeah it cost us only 80 Yuan,
which is less than 20 bucks, and it stops at all
the major sites so I think we’re going
to get to see a lot when you only have a short time. – Exactly, it’s
perfect for that. – [Female Host] Shanghai is
an amazing city to visit. The skyline is one of
the best in the world and the history and culture
are interesting to explore. We hope you enjoyed this tour
of the city and if you did, make sure to subscribe
to our channel and ring the bell for updates. We put up a new travel
video, each week.


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