The Zorbits Visit Planet Earth | Learning Video for Kids | Toddler Fun Learning

On a planet you’ve probably never heard of,
in a part of space where you’ve never been, live three aliens in the mood for adventure! Whoa! What you guys doing!? It’s an emergency! There’s no time to explain! Pew Pew! No! Please don’t press that! Autopilot engaged, lift off in ten, nine… Korky what have you done!? Goobers shut it
down! Ok ok, I’ve got this! Countdown disengaged… Manual launch activation engaged. Are we there yet? We don’t even know where “there” is! How about now? Are we there yet? Yes!!!! Welcome to the Planet Earth. So, AI – is there life here? Yes – there are little animals like amoebas,
big animals like giraffes. And there are these things – humans Eek! They’re scarier than giant space lizards! They’re not too bad. They invented the wheel
and cheese sandwiches. Cheese sandwiches! And there are lots of them – 7 billion and
counting. 7 billion cheese sandwiches! No – 7 billion humans. Let’s go down for a closer look! I don’t know… It’s alright Goobers – you can keep an eye
on us from the ship. Oh yeah. Go on then! Prepare for landing. Wow! What’s this place? The humans call it a beach. The ground is all squidgy! That’s sand. Tiny little pieces of rocks and
minerals broken down by the weather. It’s getting between my webbed feet! That’s what sand does. It gets between your
toes and in your cheese sandwiches. Cheese sandwiches! It’s a big amoeba! Or a small giraffe! No – that’s a crab. A little animals with
its hard skeleton on the outside. It probably came from the sea. The what? Turn around and have a look… Ahhhh! A giant bowl of soap! Is it wet? Wet things make my fur frizz. It’s very wet. And salty from the chemicals
in the ground which melt into it. Ha! And it moves! It does. It comes in and out and goes higher
and lower all due to the spinning of the Earth and the pull of the moon and the sun. Ahhh. More crabs! No – they are humans. They love the sea and
use it for lots of things – sailing on, swimming in and fishing for food. They even use it
to make electricity. I like the sea. It is wet..but it’s cool. Uh..Zaggle, Korky. I think the tide is coming
in. Ahh! Let’s go, I don’t want to get my
fur wet! Beam us up Goobers! Welcome back. Looks like I’ve brought something from Earth
with me. Is it a cheese sandwich? No – it’s actually a fossil. It contains the
outline of a dinosaur bone from millions of years ago. Wow! It was made by a giant space lizard! EEk! I knew the space lizards were real! Let’s
get out of here! HaHa! Don’t be silly Goobers, there aren’t
any space lizards here anymore. We should come again and explore! Uhmmm. I don’t know… Can we come tomorrow? Don’t think so. What about the day after tomorrow? Oh no. The day after that? Or the one after that? Ooh. Maybe… Maybe means yes!!!!

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