This Girl Thinks The Earth Is 2014 Years Old

What’s going on, guys?! You’re watching Reaction Time! *Theme music plays* Today we are going to watch a video called The dumbest girl alive! Guys, as always we never send hate. This is just for fun. So, yeah, we’re going to get right into it! Let’s go! Happy New Years everyone. Uh, I hope everyone has a safe, fun day and… Happy New Years. Happy New Years to you too. Thank You. This girl is sweet. See, she is not dumb. Look, sometimes the titles are misleading. She might be like the nicest girl in the world. Like, You guys, like, you guys have to be more appreciative because this Earth is like 2014 years old. *dramatic pause* *breathes heavily* *hits himself with an object aggresively* The Earth is 2014 years old This is why people go to school because the Earth is not fucking 2014 years old! Sorry, okay I’m not gonna scream in your room do you think that this two thousand two thousand fourteen years old is the it’s 2016 the earth is fucking 2016 years old she should go back to middle school this is honestly pathetic listen in fourteen years old like that’s a long time like we made it no whoa yo yo y’all she can’t be doing this to me anymore did she just say we made it I can’t even say that and this girls like whiter than me I literally had to censor that right now yo this girl said yo we made it yes she didn’t even make it past graduation at high school you made it nowhere you’re not gonna make it anyway just oh my god please get an education please get an education please gonna I’ll pay for it like the presidents like they fought for freedoms like whoa like without the president’s help we would not be free right now so yeah instead of like just partying so you guys should actually like be thankful and like pray to the like presidents because there Thank You Obama you’re always leaking me more videos to my Twitter links gonna be down below or you can comment down some more suggestions down below thank you so much for watching and yeah that’s it for this episode I’ll see you guys next time it’s been great peace out


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