This SUPER EARTH DIAMOND Planet Is Worth 26.9 NONILLION Dollars!

How much would the BIGGEST diamond EVER FOUND
be worth? That would be one hell of a ring. Well, it turns out, that diamond is actually
an entire planet – one that is twice the size of earth. Newly developed technologies, in particular,
NASA’s ground-breaking Kepler spacecraft, are now able to detect distant planets in
a way never before possible. In recent years scientists have discovered
hundreds of worlds orbiting far away stars and among them, the planet 55 Cancri E is
one of the most fascinating. In 2004, a planet orbiting the star 55 Cancri
A, was first detected. The star itself is part of a binary system
that can be seen in the Cancer constellation and lies about 40 light years away from Earth. According to scientists, there are actually
at least another 4 planets in the system, each of which were determined by light fluctuations
seen in the star, which occur when the planet’s orbit takes them between the star and Earth,
thereby creating a shadow. As scientists conducted further investigations,
they realized that the planet 55 Cancri E was the most interesting one out of the group. It’s twice the size of Earth, and is extremely
close to its parent star- so close, in fact, that’s it is believed to complete a full
orbit in less than 18 hours. This means that the gravitational pressures
on the planet are immense, and it’s likely that surface temperatures can reach as high
as 4,892 degrees Fahrenheit (or 2700 C). The position and composition means that this
planet certainly has some unusual chemistry going on that makes it incredibly unique. Observations of the parent star have shown
that it contains much higher levels of carbon than our own sun. If all of the objects of the system are made
from the same primordial disk of material, as is thought to be the case with most star
systems, then it would suggest that the planets, too, are far more carbon rich than those in
our own solar system. There doesn’t seem to be any water present
and, apart from the carbon, the rest of 55 Cancri E appears to be made from Iron and
Silicates (both of which are also common in Earth’s crust) This composition suggests that the planet,
whose radius is double that of Earth’s, is more than 8 times as heavy as our own planet. The Carbon is thought to exist in various
states, including graphite, but most interestingly is the presence of diamonds. It’s actually believed that as much as a
third of its mass could be composed of diamond- that’s the equivalent of three Earth’s! The diamonds on the planet aren’t like the
small rocks that we see on earth, but enormous formations. While the surface is made up of a layer of
graphite, beneath it is a thick layer of diamond, similar to how the Earth is made up of a crust
sitting above the thick layer of the mantle. The diamond is in such a large quantity that,
if it could all be mined, it would be worth as much as 26.9 nonillion dollars. That’s one and 30 zeros! To put it into perspective, the total GDP
of all countries on Earth in 2016 was about 75 trillion dollars- 384 quadrillion times
less than the value of those diamonds. So, we might be wondering, could we ever get
to those diamonds? 55 Cancri E is, without a doubt, the most
valuable planet that has been discovered so far, but it’ll be a long time before we
could even dream of mining it. While it’s relatively close to us in terms
of the vastness of the Universe, 40 light years is still an enormous distance to cover. We’d then need to get onto the planet, which
is very close to its star, and overcome the extreme heat and gravitational force, and
then try to dig up one of the hardest substances known to man. Even if this were possible, and we were able
to bring large quantities of diamonds back home, the rocks wouldn’t be as rare as they
are now, so the value could drop, making the whole effort kinda useless. While the discovery of this diamond planet
won’t mean that we’ll have as much shiny jewelry as we want, it is an important step
to understanding the universe and the formation of planets. It shows that there are countless star systems
out there that are similar to ours, and yet, a simple change in chemistry can create something
completely different. With different fundamental building blocks,
who knows what other valuable or intriguing planets could be out there that could help
us further understand the Universe and our own existence. With hundreds of new planets being discovered
every year, this is only just the beginning! Thanks for watching, and make sure to let
us know in the comments below what you would do with a massive diamond like the ones found
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