Thomas Fuchs Creative| Fogo de Chão| Planet Fitness

(“Jingle Bells” melody) Ho, ho, how you doin’? (audience cheering) It is time for a holiday gift grab. Nutcracker, what’s up first? (chime)
(audience cheering) Okay. I have these myself. They are so wonderful. This is Thomas Fuchs Creative dinnerware. They are fabulous. Perfect for your next dinner party. They’re sold in Bergdorf, Saks, and Neiman Marcus. (audience cheering) Hand-poured colors. Dishwasher safe. These are really, really wonderful. Studio audience, be like me ’cause you’re all going home with a 13-piece set.
(audience cheering) Yeah. You’re so good– (screams)
(crowd cheering) Okay, what’s next? (chime)
(audience cheering) Okay. Okay, everybody calm down. (audience laughter) This is Fogo de Chao. Fogo de Chao is a restaurant. It’s a Brazilian Steakhouse. They offer the most delicious meats, vegetarian options, over 50 locations worldwide. We always give away their gift cards when we play games here with you. Studio audience, you’re going home with a $200 gift card. (audience cheers) Okay. And finally Nutcrackers, let’s open our last gift. (audience cheering) So, after you stuff your face, you’re gonna need to work it off. Planet Fitness has it for you. This gym offers a judgment free zone. The black card membership is the ultimate use of the spa and everything. They have over 1800 locations. Studio audience, you’re all getting your black card membership, which means wherever you go, you have access to all of them. (audience cheers)
Okay. For more information on all this good stuff, go to (upbeat music)


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