Times Tables Rock Stars in 3 minutes

One…Two….One, Two, Three. Hi I’m Bruno Reddy and I’m a maths teacher. In 2010 I experienced the same problem that most primary teachers and secondary math teachers will also have experienced. Trying to teach maths to pupils who don’t have a secure grasp of the times tables. Making Progress in maths can be hampered by many things. Two of which, in my experience are poor recall of the times tables and having low maths confidence. I think the two almost go hand-in-hand, so I set about trying to turn that on it’s head. Let’s have great recall at the tables and high maths confidence. That would be doubly empowering wouldn’t it. To know the tables and feel that matters under your control. So that’s how Times Tables Rock Stars was born. Times Tables Rock Stars is based on a very straight forward model of conducting a baseline measure, regular practice on a carefully sequenced program and ending with a similar test to the baseline for comparison. It’s available in three formats as paper worksheets, web games and as mobile and tablet apps. There are some great teacher features that I think you’ll love. You can set tables for your class to practice on each week and better than that you can sub-group your class and give each group a different set to practice on each week. You can also set reoccurring weekly homework for the whole school, for the whole year in about 8 clicks. Pupils love having an avatar and a rock alter ego. They enjoy playing against their friends on the multiplayer game. They love seeing where they are in the leader-board each week. From the schools point of view head teachers appreciate having certificates to hand out in assembly, corridors that have fantastic Rock Star displays and holding a tournament from time to time to boost enjoyment and enthusiasm across the school. We are always looking to improve what we do. This year we are going to be building a tool to teach children the conceptual underpinnings of the times tables and holding several regional times table offs. Competitions that you can come along to with a team of students to win fantastic Rock Star prizes. Thousands of primary’s and secondary’s around the UK and around the world are using our tried and tested, em-powerful approach, to measurable gains, in the double win in times table recall and maths confidence. A four week week trial is free and a 12 month subscription for the whole school is very low cost. Join now at ttrockstars.com

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