TINY PLANET PHOTOS (Beginners Start Here!)

I’ll be right back So I thought it was time to redo an age-old tutorial and that is: How do you make a tiny planet photo or a tiny planet video I’ve done this video a few times before but i haven’t done a complete tutorial Showing you everything from beginning to end It’s more been little bits here and there So i’m going to try to make something as comprehensive as possible that’s everything you need to know about tiny planets At least to begin with It’s 42 degrees Celsius in Dubai today So you’ve been warned There will be copious amounts of sweat in this video By the way, It doesn’t matter which 360 camera you own As long as you have a point-and-shoot 360 camera like this one The easiest way to take a tiny planet photo is Simply pressing the button on the camera Every single 360 camera has one You press the button and it takes a photo instantly So let’s do it. Three, two, one, smile! This is a good quick way to do it However, if you look down in my hand its massive It looks like I was stung by a bee So, you don’t always want that in your tiny planet photos Which is why your best friend and best investment you could possibly make to shoot tiny planets is A selfie stick. Yeah. I know. It’s a bit sad owning a selfie stick. But a selfie stick is a 360 cameras best friend So let’s try that again exact same shot But this time, I’m going to be using my Manfrotto selfie stick and I’m going to turn on the self timer on the camera Which means I don’t have to physically have my finger on the button It’s going to give me two seconds to strike a pose Then it will take the photo First one, I’m going to try out really high and second one. I’m going to try it out across the river How a pic did those look? And you know what? You don’t even have to hold the camera that far away from you You can hold it this far and still it’ll make your hand disappear Llike so Once you come through with that You want to start taking shots where you’re not actually physically holding the camera So you want to find yourself a small tripod Just to make sure your camera doesn’t tip over Because these things are not cheap to replace and don’t worry, we can erase this from our photos later But this is going to allow us to place this basically anywhere we want So I have an idea for a really cool shot here This area is surrounded by massive buildings and I’m going to place the camera on the ground Capture it as a 360 and then invert it into an inverted planet Where the buildings all point towards the middle. It’s gonna look so good. You’re just gonna have to trust me Okay, the coast is clear One more for good luck Now, let’s download that photo and see how that one turned out. Nice. It just looks so nice I love how clean circles around it and there’s so much juicy detail in the middle Finally, I could find an area with even more buildings. You know, I think I can make this photo look even more epic Okay, if you thought the buildings from before were epic Check this out. Oh my God. Look at these, they’re monsterous If this doesn’t make for a good tiny plant then I give up Alright, time to see what I got Yes! I got the money shot! I got the money shot! Whooo! So once you have the tiny planet and inverted planet down pad That’s when you can start getting creative Trying things differently, trying new positions Bring the camera in different places There are a million different ways you can shoot and edit a 360 photo into a tiny planet If you want more ideas about what kinds of cool and interesting shots you can get Check out my Instagram. I’ve got 10 million different shots based around tiny planets and inverted planets Whoa, I am feeling the heat. I swear. I have gone three shades redder since the beginning this video So before I become a tomato Let’s talk tiny planet video And when you shoot a tiny planet video It’s not that different to shooting tiny planet photos Basically everything’s the same in terms of composition. It’s just video moves, photos don’t One thing I will say is that if you are going to use a selfie stick Like so, you will want a 360 camera that has in-built stabilization It’s just not good enough anymore to have shaky footage 360 video is disorienting enough already So please don’t settle for shaky 360 video Most cameras have stabilization by now So make sure you choose one with stabilization If you plan on shooting a lot of 360 video Now, it’s time to shoot me some 360 video So what happens next? Probably the most boring part of the workflow and it’s called ‘stitching’ which essentially means Downloading the footage from your 360 camera to your phone wirelessly, It turns these two circle things into this stretched thing There’s no need to overcomplicate things. You don’t need to go to your computer It’s best if you can do everything on your phone Because it means to be able to work like 10 million times faster You’re just gonna have to trust me Now is when the magic happens and the next step of the workflow is Is that in shot? My dear soul. I see that Oh no, damn it If only there was a camera they could see everything, that would be awesome The next step of the workflow is where the magic happens and this step is called ‘reframing’ Where we’re choosing a new angle to position our 360 footage So, if we want, say, just the tower over here We can reframe so it’s just the tower Or, if you want to reframe is just me You could reframe as just me In this case, we’re going to reframe so we see everything The full 360-degree landscape, which is what we call a tiny planet To do this you’ll need a tiny planet manipulation app My personal favorite is Theta+ and it accepts photos from any 360 camera So you don’t necessarily need the Ricoh Theta camera. So we’re going to choose our photo and then select ‘edit a still image’ Next all you do is tap ‘little planet’ and voila! We have a planet that has been pre-made for us Your two weapons of choice now will be your left thumb and your right thumb Where you can zoom in, zoom out and change the field of view however you like I think this one definitely worked as a tiny planet With that massive tower behind my head When you’re happy, just click ‘Save’ Once you’ve saved it to your camera roll Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a tiny planet! The process for tiny planet videos is exactly the same I do have a whole bunch of tutorials on my channel that go more in depth about 360 video and how to reframe that in a really stylish way Also, you may choose to animate your 360 photo into a video Hey, I’ve got a tutorial about that too So now that I’ve got all those cool shots There’s only one thing left to do Are you thinking what I’m thinking? So that’s my video I hope you liked it If you want to learn more about tiny planets I wrote in an eBook that teaches every single trick I’ve learned over the years And you can learn in like three hours So check it out, link in the description For more tips and tricks about 360 photography and 360 video Hit that subscribe button for more awesome videos coming your way. I’ve got an epic adventure about to start Just wait until you see what’s to come This ain’t nothing! and with that, I bid you adieu!


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