Tom Turner interview: landscape architecture – definition, theory, history and future

This term at the University of Greenwich we the first year Landscape Architecture group have been conducting research
and forming a documentary. Our project called the City in Landscape because we
are investigating different aspects of the landscape throughout the UK How would you define landscape
architecture? Landscape architecture is the art the science and the technology of composing the outdoor environment. So the 5 compositional elements are landform vegetation and
water which we compose with buildings and pavings to create landscapes. That definition also applies to garden design. And so its worth making the distinction between design and landscape architecture that garden design is usually for a
a single client and for a place which is enclosed. Whereas landscape architecture institutional and public clients and very often for places
which are unenclosed. But apart from that the technical skill of composing the five primary elements are the same. and desi gn and in relation to the country with a story and then and 25 25 everything and


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