Transformers: Protectors of the Earth. Ep 1 Escape to the unknown

Earth A beautiful planet Much better than our Our planet is Cybertron. And now, there is a long war Optimus: Faster, Autobots! We must get to the Ark before Decepticons detect us! Soundwave: We did Optimus: Soundwave… Soundwave: You will be deactivated for being a traitor Optimus: We’ll see about that! *sry green screen glitched* *headshot* Optimus: Wheeljack, start the engines! Wheeljack: Roger that! *engines start, Ark flies up* Bumblebee: Phew… At least we aren’t being attacked! *SpongeBob meme XD* Bumblebee: AAAAAAH!! We are being attacked! WE ARE BEING ATTACKED!!! Teletraan 1: Warning! Crashing in 3… Optimus: Hold something, Autobots! Teletraan 1: 2… Teletraan 1: 1…


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