Treasure Planet – Movie Review (2002)

(in pirate voice): Avast me hearties! Now would be the time that I tell you
the tale of young Jim Hawkins- *off screen* “No pirate voices!” *back to normal voice* Fine! Treasure Planet is an exciting adventure
tale that has a really rich and diverse sci fi concept. It’s the story of young Jim
Hawkins a teenager who finds a map that will
lead him to a mythical planet filled with loot and gold. He and his friend hire a ship
and a crew and off they go on their quest. Now
they’re going to have to face the dangers of space travel and even battle a couple of Pirates.
Before he begins his quest Jim (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a trouble-making, thrill-seeking teenager but he still help shis mom out at their
inn. When the map ends up in his hands he convinces his
extremely intellectual alien buddy (David Hyde Pierce) to help him hire a ship and they do in
the RLS Legacy. She has a very stalwart
and stern captain (Captain Amelia), a very powerful looking first mate (Roscoe Lee Browne) and the sketchiest crew you’ve ever seen. The cyborg cook on board named John Silver (Brian Murray) takes Jim under his wing. They do face
those terrible dangers of space travel but the real danger is closer than they
think. I was beyond impressed with this movie. Not only is it
a thrilling adventure but it blends sci-fi with pirate films. Now the ship’s when
they go into space travel look like old sailing ships they just have like
star engines and big sails. When the fighting occurs they are using
laser blasters and daggers and swords and it still feels like a pirate movie. Now I
thought the action was gonna be impressive anyway but I had no idea that the story and characterizations here we’re going to
be as deep as they were. There are only a few humans in the
film and there’s just this rich pallet of alien, piratey, sailory
looking life that is compelling but also in the story of the characters. The chemistry and the
interaction between Silver and Hawkins is very good and a little
bit more profound than you thought you were gonna get in a movie like this. Despite being a
great adventure story with a whole lot of heart Treasure Planet just didn’t do that well
in the box office. It’s considered one of the lesser-known
Disney films and I considered that a tragedy.
Hopefully it will find new attention and new life here in the stream. Yes this
is a Disney film and I know a lot of you love those songs but
there’s no singing in this movie so… Let it Go.


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