Trying to Make Resin Planets with an Ice Cube Tray

(Classical music) All right. Are you ready? Yes. Hey guys. We’re
Evan and Katelyn, and today we’re
gonna be exploring the wonderful adventures in
space and resin and time. Time? It’s gonna take time to do. (laughs) We are gonna make resin
planets using these spherical molds. These molds that are for whiskey ice cream? (both laugh) Ice cubes! Ice cubes. So that’s like what adults
use these for typically? Yes. Y’know we’ve had a lot of like pretty heavy D.I.Y.
projects lately. (frustrated yells) And today we want
something just kind of fun, chill, maybe using a new
tool that could explode if we don’t do it
right, but generally fun and chill. I’m just, like, imagining
flash forwards here of just like
everything going wrong. Are we jinxing
ourselves right now? No no no. (sounds of panic) This is gonna be a nice, just
like fun hang out project. All right, so what’s
the first step Katelyn? Oh, I don’t know. Ah. ([Narrator]) This video is
sponsored by Squarespace. From websites and online
stores, to marketing tools and analytics, Squarespace
is the all-in-one platform to build a beautiful
online presence and run your business. Okay, so we haven’t
really explained the specifics of what we’re doing. No, no. I think that like,
lets go one at a time so there isn’t like,
the chaos of like a dual resin experiment. Well, it’s kind of a
thick mold, so we worry that if we do it
at the same time, it’s gonna start
curing really fast and we won’t be able to
get footage of each other. So yeah, one at a time. And I think that I’m gonna
start with an Earth-like planet. Not the planet Earth-like? Not the planet Earth with
its specific continents but like, blues and whites and greens and browns. I feel like it should
still have like, continent-ish shapes at least. And like, cloud-ish shapes. You can’t just have like, a swirl of green and blue. You have to at least
attempt land blobs. (restrained laughter) All right, well let’s just, you know what? I’m not gonna set
my expectations, let’s just have fun
and let’s just do it. Okay. So that’s your deep ocean. Yeah. This is your other deep ocean. Whoa. Okay. (laughs) Why are you making
those doubting noises, you’re making me doubt myself. It just seemed like
you would add the dark to the darker blue. I know. I know. I panicked. (laughs) The light to the lighter blue. Okay you got grass. And then our clouds over here. I worry there’s
not enough white, probably should
have done less brown I know. And more white. I know. I know. It’s okay. It doesn’t matter. Its just, you know.
It doesn’t matter. I’m not gonna mix the blue and black that much. I want like a little
bit of variation. Kind of like our marble resin? That’s some dark
oceans right there. A chunky ocean. I know. (laughs) And then the lowly white. I’m gonna start with
the polar south, it’s a little bit white. So, I have a question. Yeah. With these molds, how do you do it? Like, it’s two
halves of a circle. Yeah. Does one kinda just
squish in to the other? Yes. Okay. So we’ll have
some over squish. You know what I’m
just gonna rely on? I’m just gonna add a little
bit of alcohol in there. Look at that, it’s like adding
some randomness already. Oh yeah. And then I’m gonna add
in a little bit more. This is like Minecraft colors. Adding a little bit more. Yeah. I’m just gonna like
alternate through these. I like that you did
the poles on top. I just hope that
like, enough like, Stuff will happen? Stuff will happen
that it’ll look You might need to (panicked yelps) Oh no, oh no, oh no,
oh no! Paper towels! Ah! And I have like a
precise amount to fill it up. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. Hey baby, you know we
were considering doing resin floors one day anyways. Let’s just start now. (laughs) One spill at a time. Part One. Yeah, Part One. I’m trying not to
like mix it that much. You could try pouring some
on like the outside edges. Oh that was a lot of alcohol. I need to add chaos. It’s not chaotic enough for you? (laughs) That’s cool. I’m gonna have to use like
a little bit of everything. I also don’t want it
to be like layers, you know what I mean? Yeah. I don’t want there to
be like a brown layer and a blue layer. It definitely won’t be that. It looks cool from the side. Okay cool. Ooh yeah, pour the
white around the edges. That’s all the white I got. Are you serious? Yeah. (laughs) You used it all in the middle? Where there’s no clouds? You know what? What about the next pole? This is an artistic
interpretation. (laughs) I feel like I might have
to make another Earth. Yeah yeah yeah make
another, can you mix up another resin? Really? More resin? Yeah. I’m not gonna have
enough ’cause I spilled. Oh, seriously? Yeah. Okay. I think it looks
really cool actually. It may, or may not,
look like Earth. But it’s gonna look
like something neat. (laughs) But I would say like
pour on the outside cause if you see right here, the white, how cool that looks. This shows up a tiny bit. Ooh, you know what we could do? What? We could try pipetting
some lower down. Oh yeah, we got these. And fix the mistakes
of Evan past. You know what, oh
jeez, I’m already so resin-y. Do you need another glove? Can you snip the tip? Yeah. Ah! It totally works. Now lets try. Yeah! Ooh, it farted. (laughs) It works! Yeah it works. I could see the white
coming out at the end. Nice. Oh, that’s kinda cool. Kinda cool? Or cool? I mean, it doesn’t
really look like a cloud, it kinda looks like a slug. Okay well this is about
to get even more chaotic. You push this down and
that’s how you form the top. So, uh oh. What do you mean uh oh? There’s not enough, but, Did you not fill it
to the fill line? I thought I did. Oh can you put it in
through the little hole? Yeah I’ll just do this. (laughs) Oh! It looks so wrong! Is it? I don’t know if it’s filled. Maybe tap it. Oh no, yeah. (both exclaim) Jeez what am I doing? I don’t know. I’m gonna tape it down. ’cause I think that
like it’s like flexing a little bit. Ooh! And now this is a
pretty thick pour so it’s gonna start curing fast. Yeah. We should probably get it
in the pressure pot soon. Yeah, and I’m also
worried that like so much heat is gonna
be made, it might like, melt it a little bit. Is it already getting
hot or is it okay still? It’s a little warm. So I have the
potential solution. Give it a little
bit of a water bath. That way, it can still
get hot if it needs to, but it won’t melt
the outer casing. So, the pressure pot. Yes. Will that affect
the water at all? No, so the pressure pot, like, a vacuum chamber makes
any bubbles get like even bigger, and it
like boils and like It like pulls the air out. Yeah, it pulls the
air out and like boils and like it’s a
little bit chaos. A pressure chamber just
compresses air bubbles down. Okay. So I don’t think anything
crazy should happen. (laughs) So lets just go for it. Arms up! So this is a pressure
pot you modified the other day. Yeah, it’s originally
a painting tank. It’s like spray paint thing. Like, you paint things with it. Is it like a paint sprayers? Yeah, but I modified
it instead to just like pressure up. And this is rated to 90
PSI which is really nice. But I’m only gonna like
pressure up to like 50 PSI. It feels so weird to hear
that like hissing airflow. (loud sound of air compressor) (relieved laughs) Is that a leak? This is the safety valve. So I’ll just let
this do its thing. Whatever it’s set at,
I’ll just let it like be safe, ya know? Okay, so now we wait. Yes, that’s the only, You’re covering it? I thought we were being safe? I just wanted to make
sure that this is the only leak there was. Okay. Yeah! So now we just wait. Okay. (laughs) It’s art! All right, hearing
protection on, this will be loud. It’s not gonna blow up, I’m
just gonna release the air. It’s not very loud. (loud air hissing) That’s not too bad. I mean, I have in my
hearing protection. (laughs) All right, so now
it’s fully vented. I’m gonna open up every
single valve, just in case like it’s zero, it’s zero. (laughs) Why do you step away? Hopefully this releases. Hopefully. It should. It filled the full mold. Wait, I have a question here. So this part is silicone. Yeah. This part is plastic. But it’s flexible plastic. Yeah, but like, would the
resin just bond to it? Let’s just see. Oh! Whoa! Oh dang it. That’s a huge bubble. No! What the heck pressure pot? That’s a huge bubble. It also doesn’t really
look like a planet. You know what’s kinda funny? What? You’re like, what if
it doesn’t release from the plastic? It released from the
plastic perfectly, what if it doesn’t
release from the silicone? (loud banging) All right, I need more tools. Man, that bubble. That’s where an asteroid hit. This is like a
prehistoric Earth? Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. That’s why it
looks so different. What if we heat gun it? I have an idea. But like, put that and
then hammer the end of it. Like tick tick tick. You gotta stick up its butt. Yeah yeah yeah. Oh yeah, oh! Oh! Oh my gosh, oh! (laughs) Okay, that worked well. Okay, so this was an
Earth like planet. It was invaded by metal nano robots. Yeah. And that’s like the
last little bit of Earth that’s surviving. See this is where
some nukes went off. Oh I thought that’s
where they landed? No, that’s where they
landed right there. Oh, oh, on the butt. So what do you wanna do, do you want to polish it up or do you want to do another? I’m confused. I mean, it definitely
doesn’t look like a planet. I also think that the
air pockets right here is from when I
squeezed in the white. ‘Cause I think I squeezed Oh! And it farted. It farted. (slow mo “It farted”) I think it squeezed
in some air bubbles to the bottom. So you could try Jupiter. I could do Uranus. (laughs) Uranus would be really easy. (laughs) I think I’m gonna
go for Jupiter. Okay, Jupiter. Yeah, Jupiter. Look at me. Did you double glove? Oh! Double high five! (laughs) All right Katelyn
so what’s the plan? It’s got a lot of striations, I looked at pictures. There’s the spot of course. Just add that spot in post. Just edit it in? So you got gold, white,
black, tans, reds and blue? Oh there’s a little bit of blue. Definitely used too much
pigment on that one. It’s a chunky boy. It looks pretty pigmented. Where’s the Instagram picture? I like the one with
extra saturation. I have my reference photo. I have my colors mixed. I’m feeling confident. I’m feeling Beautiful! Beautiful! Here’s the hard part right here. Pour it like on the spoon
and let the spoon guide it. Slowly, like a bartender with
a fancy drink that you’re. Oh my spoons too, oh no! Oh no! Did you do that on purpose? No! I realized my spoon was
too high and instead of lowering just one hand,
I lowered both of my hands and it just spilled. You want a longer spoon? Yes. (laughs) You know, I’ve decided
that they striations don’t matter so
much in the bottom. It’s more for the middle. Yeah. I don’t really know how to
do this bartender method. Maybe if I just go like this, and then I’m not trying
to coordinate two different things. I mean, the top
and bottom of mine, can look terrible, I just need the
middle to be okay. Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. You’re right. That’s like where
the business happens. That is where the
business happens. You’re being so much
more precise than I was. Well I’m trying to make
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your first order. Now I’m officially doing, oh maybe I should
do it in reverse. Maybe I’ll say
this is the bottom. Yeah yeah yeah, I don’t
want to do the eye yet. Oh no but the eye’s
gonna get messed up if it’s on the top half. ’cause of the squish squish. Okay so it has to be now. Okay. Now I have to do the eye. Are you ready? I’m ready. It’s really hard to
not get air in these cheap pipettes. So we’re pretty sure
the air is what caused the big bubble in Evan’s
one, it like blooped. Oh, look at that! I think that’s it,
I think I did it. Now just easy peasy. Finish her up, do some
more little stripy stripes. Oh this is already
getting hot in the cups. Yeah. So that means I’m running
a little low on time. I didn’t want to say anything. I can still see my eye, I might have to
like, touch it up. This is very hard. (laughs) This is easy, this is easy,
I feel good, this good everything is good. I’m doing good, I’m doing great. I’m like so chilled right now. Chill. So chill. Well we have a
lot of brown left, a lot of gold, a lot
of red, not much white. Want me to mix up more white? No. Oh, the blue, the blue,
the blue, the blue, this is where the blue goes. Oh my god, they all merged! They all merged. Shoot! Okay, I’m just
gonna start pouring. (laughs) Dang it. I have to like redo
my stripes now. What about a Jupiter
like planet Katelyn? No! It’s Jupiter! This is getting hot enough
to burn my fingers now. Like every stripe you do, every layer you do gets so squished down that mine became nothing
and now I’m having to make them like double thick. Guess I should put
some blue in there. The blue is gone. And my dot, my storm. I’m just gonna like, do do doo. I’m just gonna see
what it looks like from the side. Does it look okay,
do I have stripes? Do I have some stripes? You’re not saying anything… Pour the rest of the white in. Okay, and then
I’ll inject my dot? Inject your dot and
then put the lid on, pressure it up. Okay. Time to do this again
and pray that there are no bubbles. Are you ready? Yeah I’m ready. I’m gonna try to do it,
where I think it was. I see a bubble. All right, put the cap on. Okay. All right, don’t push too much. Okay okay okay. Tape me! I’m feeling like, I’m at like a seventy
percent confidence. I’m at a hundred
percent confidence it’s gonna be beautiful. Aw, thanks. What about a hundred
percent confidence it’s gonna look like Jupiter? It’s gonna be beautiful. Under pressure! (loud air compressing) Now we wait. Now we wait. Easy peasy, no stress. (laughs) Let me just prepare myself for the great event. (air hissing) I really hope that my Jupiter Looks like true Jupiter? Okay, I may have like
lowered my standards a little bit, I just want it to
look Jupiter like. Oh nice, nice, there’s
a solid plug at the end. Oh yeah. Oh nice, wow! It’s kind of similar to yours. Why does it do that? I don’t know. It doesn’t look like Jupiter. Okay, ill reserve my judgment, my full judgment, maybe
my stripes and my eye are under this, you know? Yeah, yeah. Oh! It’s got an outie. Well, that is Jupiter like. Is that my eye? Or is that my eye? There’s no air bubbles. What do you think? I think my colors were spot on. I think my spot is not a spot. But it’s like there
in spirit, right here. And then there’s this. (upbeat music and
tools whirring) Okay, so Evan spent some
time polishing these up at the very end so I actually haven’t seen
them in their final form yet. But, but, you know, I
wanna get in like a good brain state of, like it doesn’t really
matter how they turned out in the end. We had fun, super low stress. And you know what, they
turned out pretty good. Ready? Yeah. Whoa! I know, look at this area. I got stripes! You got stripes and you
got that circle there. I do have the eye, I
can see it better now. That looks so much better
without a giant seam. And mine even looks better. Oh you polished your bubbles? That actually makes
it look really cool. Yeah. It’s just like a
deformed planet, right? It’s like a moon. This side kind of looks
like the death star. (laughs) They actually do look like, they’re planet-esque. I’m excited to figure out
something to do with them. Pool balls? (laughs) Bye!


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