Two Planets, a Star, and a Moon – Nikon P1000 Camera

Well hello there. Here we are on Friday
evening at 8:32 p.m. up here in Northeastern Ohio on July 12th, 2019, and I
just could not pass this up. we have the pretty blue skies with a bright white
moon there, and it just is stunning and let’s look here the moon is 86% lit and
25 degrees above the horizon right at the moment. I kind of don’t want to move
with all those birds flying around. I haven’t done the setup or anything yet but, but I
would like to get it the right size closer to what I see by eye, that’s close
but no cigar, an old saying for you young folks that’s just about the size I think
if the monitor is picking it up properly but get a little bit of the willow tree
in there, blue sky and a white moon. We’ll take it babe. okay I have to do a setup now so…oow! I’ll be right back all righty there we go.
and we can’t see the features of the moon quite as well than you can at night
but it’s a pretty sight with those sweet songs of the bird chirping. he’s over in
the willow tree. He/She, whatever. let’s go up to max zoom here. whoa. There we are. Wow it looks like there’s a bit of shading there tonight and it’s not from a photobombing of the
tree we’ll let the birds do the narrating on this one. They’re pretty
songs okay our Light Beam area, above that Mesa and down below to the right of it, what
looks like a question mark to me. Last night, I don’t know if it’ll come out
tonight, let me move over here and see. You know this area it came out well in the
stacked photos, but this is the area that always reminds me of numbers and letters
up there. it’s difficult to make out but it was like a 3 and a 2 and an F
and, but I’ll include that stack in here and you can see better, and there’s a
bright spot alright let’s finish up here There we go, that was a pretty good view
for daytime and of course it’s too early for any
planets or anything else that’s the only thing in my sky. The sun’s blocked in
the Northwest from houses and trees so Jupiter rose about two hours ago and
Saturn and Pluto have also, but anyway it’s 8:42 p.m. and we’ll close this
out for now. Alrighty, I hope to be back later. Take care now. Bye. Singing up a storm. Alrighty, we waited it
out, brought the Canon 80D out for a few pictures, and there is Jupiter, above that
tree. Let’s try to have this SynScan thing slew over to it. I don’t have the best uh, oh yeah that wouldn’t affect
it. Alright, so, let’s go up and see how far off we are. okay hang on, I’ll do
a fast-forward through the setup and all that stuff. Okay so there’s the band one.
whoops okay there we go, I think that’s the best
we’re gonna get it in for this time of night. I can see the band’s pretty well,
and I’m gonna have to do something so I have to be right back. I want to make
things easier for me for trying to do the stacking so I’m going to stop this
video just do a like 15 second 20 second clip that I can use in that application
instead of putting this whole video into Final Cut Pro and cutting pieces out and
all that stuff, it takes so much time, so let me do that. I shall be right back. All right, we finally see Saturn rising right over there and those stars around
it so hang on why I try to do the setup for
it and I’ll be right back Alrighty, we got them, so we have the trio
again tonight. Whoa. Alrighty, I’m gonna be right back. I want
to get the ten to twenty seconds footage I wish this would stop drifting so much Alrighty, I’m back. I got all those 15 to 20
second clips which should help somewhat as we go to try to stack that software
or stack the footage. yeah it was such a pain, I had to take the whole long movie,
which could be anywhere from 60 gigs to a hundred some gigs of footage and put it
into Final Cut Pro and then it does its rendering and all that good stuff, and
then I try to cut out all the pieces of a full on views, and then take that stuff
and put it into the stacking application oh my goodness. so hopefully this’ll work
out better, if it didn’t screw anything up. hey, you never know. I will look around
for any stars. I don’t see any by eye but I am stuck under all these trees too – it’s
funny how well the camera picks it up when I use a long exposure shutter
speed and it shows all those white dots up there and it sure isn’t what we see
here. All I see is Jupiter and the moon that’s it.
I can faintly see Saturn right now finally but if you see any flashing long streaks
on here it’ll be lightning bugs fireflies,
they’re quite active. boy there’s a beautiful rainbow ring around the moon
and these cameras just will not pick it up it’s gorgeous, but that should be good
enough, like I said I’ll probably put some photos in here and do that kind of
stuff and hopefully have something new. I don’t know,
and I probably forgot to say it but we are on the Nikon P1000 camera for the
video and recording onto the Atomos Ninja Flame using the Sky-Watcher
telescope mount to track everything and the photos were taken with, the majority
of the photos were taken with the Canon 80D and that Tamron18 to 400 ml lens.
I wish something would pop up here There’s no stars or galaxies or much of anything
out here for me. Actually I do see Antares okay that faint speck of light, what you
probably can’t see on here that’s basically what I see by eye, barely
anything. Okay so we have it aligned on Saturn and we’re going to have this go-to mount take us to Antares, and I don’t have a good setup so it might just give
us a general area, we shall see Alrighty, there he is.
He’s coming into view, try to get it into focus Alrighty, that dancing ball of light
up there is Antares, it’s down about the five o’clock position from Jupiter so
that’s basically the best we can get for stars with this type of camera, a
shimmering flashing colorful light Alrighty, well we got four of them tonight
that’s gonna have to do, I’ll pack up all this gear and head on in. heh
okay it’s 9:57 p.m. so I wish you all a wonderful weekend, have a safe one and
hunker down for you guys down in the Gulf. Alrighty, good night now. 🙂


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