U.S. media outlets pay close attention to N. Korea’s announcement of ‘very important test’

in response to North Korea’s
announcement over the weekend of a very important test at a satellite launching
site major American media outlets are speculating that the development could
be a sign that further provocations are in the pipeline kim moo-sung
has more major US media outlets are paying close attention to the
developments made in North Korea after the regime announced a Sunday that had
conducted a quote very important test at its missile engine and satellite launch
site citing experts the New York Times reported Sunday that Pyongyang had most
likely tested a new type of engine for long-range ballistic missiles the data
such an announcement is another sign of the regime escalating pressure on
Washington to make further concessions before the end of December a deadline
for nuclear talks that has been set by its leader Kim jong-un the Washington
Post stated that such a move is a threat to give the US and an unwelcome
Christmas gift it also pointed out that such tests paved the way for the regime
to launch a satellite or an intercontinental ballistic missile
around the end of the year earlier this month the North’s Vice Minister of
Foreign Affairs Lee taesung said it was up to Washington what Christmas gift it
gets from the regime The Washington Post also explained that the latest
announcements is just another sign of the deteriorating relations between the
north and us after their second summit in Hanoi ended with no agreement in
February the article cited Jeffrey Lewis director of the East Asia
non-proliferation program at the Middlebury Institute of International
Studies as saying what the regime tested over the weekend could have been an
improved 115 or solid propellant ICBM Huson arirang news

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